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  1. Would be good if there was a "family tree" connection between the clubs.
  2. Big Match Revisited includes Town vs Man City from 1980
  3. Duckworth would have provided great competition for right-back, allowing Jeff King to cover in midfield when we were short there - around the time that Neil Danns was signed.
  4. We're due a win at home against Woking. I don't think we've ever beaten them at The Shay as FCHT.
  5. And being interviewed about it at the 40th anniversary reunion in 2061!
  6. Vouchers were definitely issued at the Peterborough game. The match was played in a blizzard, so unlikely to have been a crowd that size otherwise.
  7. Early to mid 80s we had the regulars plus Wolves, Burnley, Hull, Bolton, Preston, Cardiff, Sheff United & Bradford.
  8. It certainly can't be to improve the quality of their teams. They already have the best players. Who will they sign?
  9. This reported on Twitter by Reuters a few minutes ago.
  10. If it happens, expel them from the Premier League. If they stayed in the PL, chances are that they would use it for their reserves & devalue the PL (and by extension the football pyramid) in the way that the cups have been.
  11. They could earn their meal by helping Kit with the bucket collection before the game😆👍
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