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  1. I'm happy thanks but I fear I struck a nerve with you. Personally, I think the club is better off without your support if you aren't going to go because we may sign a player you don't like. I get frustrated too but it's always going to be my club. It was when we signed the likes of Alan Reilly, Karl Colley and Tom Harban and it will be if we re-sign Toby Sho-Silva. They may be **** but they're our ****. If you can't handle that you should go somewhere else.
  2. Every cloud and all that. You'll be able to afford more roids and sunbed tokens.
  3. Juryeff

    New Kit

    The defence rests.
  4. The right back for afc can be got at. The fat old bald one.
  5. 2 issues there. Kelly, who does a lot of the updates on the website does have another life and is effectively a volunteer for the club. 2ndly the media team are students. Last year's have graduated and are no longer on placement with us. The new ones haven't started yet. I agree that we need to up our game but without a sugar daddy we ain't going to get a bigger off field team if we haven't got the funds to put one on it.
  6. Has Jake Lawlor suddenly got loads better?
  7. Already booked our hotel. 2 nights £54.
  8. Where abouts was this? Liam Ridehalgh lives at shelf if it was up there.
  9. Ryan Crossley was born and raised in Elland. Played his junior football with Green Lane up until 13 and was then poached by Hebden Bridge. Was there 2 years before getting signed by Huddersfield. Matty Pearson is from Keighley.
  10. Juryeff


    Not a chance. 800 minimum, plus bonuses (goals, assists, clean sheets, league position, promotion, cup progress) and petrol money.
  11. Juryeff


    Paul Stoneman was on 750 a week 20 years ago. I would be amazed if any senior player is on less now.
  12. Pete Wild - "Right Jeff, will you stay on the same contract and help us get promoted?" Jeff King - in attached picture.
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