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  1. Shaymus


    Well, you get my drift. Fully aware of the old Shay Club, where it was said if you wanted a scrap on a Saturday night, that was the place to go (Seventies, I would guess). Only went in it once, but I remember it didn't look anything like Chimes (or the Halifax Sporting Club/Weavers) became. The circular bar featured a receptacle for the optics which was a taken from a font of a disused church. Pretty sure the old Shay Club never had one of those. I'll agree that the restaurant idea seemed rather farcical, even to me as a 17-year-old at the time. I later had some fantastic nights in the Sporting Club when Mick Jowett was steward. We formed our own Sunday League side in 1984, still operating as Halifax Rangers. Never heard the Marshalls interest at that point - certainly by 1986 there was talk of a supermarket and Town getting a new ground, but don't recall Sam Rorke ever being involved at all. That was John Madeley. Why would Rorke spruce up The Shay just to sell it? (My last point directed at townmad).
  2. More chance with Hinge and Brackett.
  3. Shaymus


    I'd be interested to know what you claim Sam Rorke's 'own agenda' was? He wasn't in it for glory, went in with his eyes shut as I recall, knowing little about football, then put the club up for sale when the debts surfaced. He built the Chimes restaurant and furbished it, re-vamped the entrance to The Shay, and built a perimeter fence around the ground. He was chairman for around a year then came back to claim what he thought was his (furnishings). Jim Brown shafted our club for years, Bob Walker took us down an expensive path, but the guy who nobody ever seems to mention who really did in for Town in the end was Ray Moreland.
  4. The Supporters' Club are well aware of this and will be commemorating the game in some way, possibly by setting up something along the lines of the Manchester City reunion that was held last year. Funnily enough, I took a call from Barry Holmes two days ago asking me the same question. The pandemic has affected everyone and everything and it's made it much harder to organise things. Tom Scargill has spoken to around five of the players involved in that match v Man Utd and there will be an article to follow, probably next week. One of the problems about inviting players to The Shay is their ability to travel, as some will be well into their Seventies by now. Many of those who came to the Manchester City reunion stopped over on the Saturday night, some for two nights. One or two will have to travel some distance. Some of the players also need tracking down. The number I had for Andy Burgin turned out not be his, though the lady who answered the phone seemed very nice. I almost invited her to a random game. This year also sees the 100th anniversary of the first match at The Shay (3 September 1921) and that is on the agenda, too.
  5. Jimmy, Paul and Scott Willis were all brothers. Jimmy and Paul were at The Shay the same time as Bobby Barr. Jimmy had a good career with Darlington and Leicester City. Paul also had a spell at Darlington but sadly died ten years ago. Scott Willis came later and played under Chris Wilder in 2004-05.
  6. Rotherham United have announced the death of Keith Bambridge. He wrote himself into the Halifax Town history books when he was the first sub used by the club in a Football League game.
  7. But good enough for a knighthood, apparently!
  8. No. He played in both games but didn't score. Robbie Cooke bagged two in the replay.
  9. Just heard that Steve Popplewell, an avid Town fan who manned the turnstiles for many years, has passed away.
  10. Kane was going to take one, the two lads Rashford and Sanchez were sent on to take one, we accepted that. Maguire - stuck his away, the problem then was Saka, who, it has been reported, has never taken one before. Sterling, who took all the plaudits when the ball was there for him to convert from six yards and indeed was crucial to England reaching the final, should have had the guts, not just on the night but in training, to tell Southgate he would take one. I expect him to get some stick next season from a section of fans around the country, sadly, but it's what a minority like to do. Grealish has come in for some stick, too, for not taking one, but I saw him speak to Southgate and nod his head, he's tweeted he offered to take one. So the problem lay with Southgate, who, above all else, conducted himself impeccably, but sadly set up the team not to fail in the final when he the players at his disposal to get at Italy. In the end, we did well to get to penalties.
  11. Shaymus


    Roger Osbourne, 1-0, 1978.
  12. Shaymus


    My abiding memory was the arms aloft celebration he gave stood in front of the England fans after he'd scored our third goal against France. Nothing silly, nothing flash, just a simple - I've scored, that's it, then walked back to halfway.
  13. Got a full lowdown on that story. Mick never played again for Ireland, it is true, but he was called up by Jack Charlton on at least three more occasions. Mick actually guided Paul McGrath through his first game in midfield very Iceland.
  14. Close, I mean I think he came from the Midlands. I've been reliably informed it's Tim Gregory.
  15. Hello everyone. As some of you may be aware, I have started writing up the biography of Mick Kennedy and made good progress. I've been in touch with or spoken to people that have known him through all different aspects of his life, from old school pals and teachers, to coaches, ex team mates and managers. I have put some early excerpts on a Facebook group I've started. I may post a few bits and bats on here. In May 1989, Mick attended a Halifax Town reunion, and was interviewed. Can anyone remember the name of the chap asking the questions (on the right)? I recall he used to have a record shop in Sowerby Bridge.
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