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  1. Unbelievable comment. So Town's failure to score goals is because of Nathan Clarke stuck at the back? What about Jamie Allen's inability to beat a man out wide. Nathan Clarke is a stopper, wins balls in the air, as centre-halves are apt to do. I don't recall many being light on their feet, we've had some, but most had defenders around them who were quicker. He's probably better in a back four, admittedly, but even in a middle three, he shouldn't be exposed. Another thing - people have moaned long enough about his hoof ball. When trying to play the ball out v Wrexham, his intended pass was cut
  2. Shaymus

    James Dean

    The incident happened right in front of me, Deano shown the red card for throwing the ball at the player, then touching the referee's arm in disbelief, as if to say 'You're joking.' I recall there was an incident after in the tunnel which made the situation worse for him, hence the extended ban. It was all started by an over reaction by an over zealous idiot referee thinking he was, ironically, untouchable.
  3. Can anyone give me the definitive version of Mick Kennedy's relationship with this cafe? I've heard the owners offered him a free meal every time he scored, or something along those lines. Does anyone have the names of the owners back then, 1979-80?
  4. Looking for help here from any of our older supporters. In 1976-77, under Alan Ball Snr, Halifax Town put out two youth teams, one which played in the strong Lancashire League, the other in the Halifax & District League. They were under the guidance of a chap named Brian Rigby, who I believe hailed from Swinton. He may have been instrumental in bringing Mick Kennedy to The Shay, because Mick, I believe would have played in one or both of these sides, then aged 15/16. The side in the Halifax & District League were champions of Division Six in their first season. The side which played in
  5. Former Town winger Frank Brogan has died aged 79.
  6. The irony of Gordon Brown's words on Football Focus regarding the European Super League. Successive governments have been screwing over the general public at large for generations.
  7. He also wants to address why 16-24 year olds are not as interested in the game any more, and cites lack of top class games. I suggest that the age group he's mentioned and older generations are sick of the money being thrown about, destroying a game we all once use to love.
  8. Don't think it will happen.
  9. Depends where you're pulling in the crowds from? What happens in American basketball? It still works for them (so I've read - I don't follow it). The ESL will be a brand and be taken (in time) globally to suit the fans out there. The owners aren't bothered about club history and the domestic game, otherwise why propose it? Other top clubs will follow for fear of being left out. You watch.
  10. Deep down, the likes of Crystal Palace, Fulham and Burnley would still welcome a visit by Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City, etc. My feeling is that the 'elite' six will retain membership of the Premier League but play their ESL in midweek - and that will be their priority. The worldwide fans will back it, make no mistake. As for what happens if Man City win the Premier League but won't play in the Champions League is interesting. Maybe the Champions League is dead. And will any other club be allowed into the ESL? And what is the criteria? The statement from the unnamed board member just highlight
  11. There's a lot of planks worldwide who will pay for it, be sure of that. How many in Japan support Manchester United? There's all sorts of threats made by different organisations, but as soon as the PFA step in to protect players' rights, and FIFA accept the breakway clubs, thereby (in England) they retain membership of the Premier League, all's well and good. This is no different morally than when the Premier League was formed. It was said then that the rich clubs would get richer, and so it has been proved, that's why all the clubs are clamouring to get into it. But everyone of you out there
  12. I was told Simon Conway was at The Shay with his troupe putting the finishing touches to 'When Glory Shone Around', and Jim Harvey happened to be there. One supporter asked him if it was true about Billy Heath coming in and seemingly it was the first Harvey had heard of it. So several weeks before the Wembley game.
  13. As has been proved at this level. Neither do grand training facilities necessarily do it for you, either. Both George Mulhall and Chris Wilder had their moments with their players up on Savile Park.
  14. Probably worse than when half the Town fans who travelled to Spennymoor for an FA Trophy tie in February 1994 knew of manager Peter Wragg's impending sacking before kick-off. Wragg, who saw his side win that game and extend an unbeaten run to eight, was then summoned to Elland the following morning by chairman Jim Brown and told he was fired when stood on the touchline at Old Earth, with Brown shouting out whilst playing for Westgrove Fee in the Halifax Sunday League, "By the way, you're sacked." A more considered parting of the ways probably took place later in an office somewhere.
  15. A good interview. Scott Phelan stood out early on for me, a player who could get the ball down and pass it about. He gives a good insight into how it was in those early days, and how difficult it must have been for Jim Vince, starting from scratch and with very few available players to call upon. Town fans seemingly expected instant success and Vince was, in their eyes, rightly shown the door before the season was out. Personally, I thought it was harsh, though Town were never going to make promotion at the first time of asking, despite leading the table at one point. Vince was given two years
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