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  1. It is in our own hands. Must beat Chesterfield as it stands.
  2. Are you thinking of South Shields? They were well clear at the top of their league when the season was cut short and would have replaced BPA in National North, who were adrift.
  3. To be fair to Emery, he has form in this competition. This is his fifth final. Three-time winner with Sevilla and even managed to get Arsenal to the final two years ago.
  4. Seem to remember there was an article/photo of him in the cafe, in one of the tabloids, Mirror possibly, if you can source any archives. 78/9?
  5. Apparently our great leader, Teflon Johnson, had a secret meeting with Mr Woodward, (Man Utd) in Downing St. to give him the thumbs up over the ESL, four days before it was announced to the press. Then, when the ESL idea was made public and the backlash from the fans followed , Johnson realised which way the wind was blowing and surprise, surprise made yet another U-turn, declaring himself against the idea of a foreign takeover of football.
  6. Yeovil are very good at bullying opponents and refs. (2-0 game at The Shay last season) They didn't yesterday, thought we stood our ground well, and ref ignored their screams.
  7. This year we've won at home against both Alty and Woking, which have been very rare occurrences over the past 15 or so years. So here's hoping for Saturday.
  8. Woods and Summerfield have both forced saves and Summers shot over.
  9. Think so, they surely wouldn't have just done it for one player
  10. Xavi/Iniesta era for Barcelona and Spain. Their ripping apart of a decent Man U side in 2011 Euro Final even had Fergie holding his hands up in respect
  11. From memory I think Luke Beckett, who they had signed from Chester, had TWO contracts running concurrently, one for the taxman's benefit, and the other for himself.
  12. Studies done on Premier League teams over recent years have shown that their final league positions tallied very closely to amount that they are worth or have spent. An occasional Leicester will pop up to disprove this but, by and large, the more you spend the higher you finish. I feel this applies to most leagues.
  13. 3 points gone, move on. Other scores from earlier this season include Wrexham 4 Sutton 0 and Hartlepool 0 Torquay 5, think they've both done quite well since those results. We'd only previously lost by more than one goal (Hartlepool away) so I think 'get back on the horse' would be the phrase to use this week.
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