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  1. All those criticising Rashford's penalty - if it's 6 inches to the right it's in off the post and unsaveable. Fine margins. Agree with everyone saying they really ought to ditch the stupid run-ups and just keep it simple though.
  2. Very sad news. Didn't know him well but it was always nice to have a brief friendly chat passing through the turnstiles and on other occasions our paths crossed following Town away. Will be greatly missed.
  3. Let's hope they get on better than their Pink Floyd namesakes!
  4. Interestingly, in Greece they regionalised their 3rd tier this year to reduce the number of matches (they started the season very very late) and they managed to separate two teams from the same city (Niki Volos & Olympiakos Volos) into the North & South sections... there may be other reasons for wanting to do this but it didn't make much sense to me!
  5. At Conference* level it's been heading that way for a long time, relegations of chronically-mismanaged (it must be said, mainly Northern) clubs aside. I remember writing some 'waffly bollocks' on it for the former SDS website over a decade ago. At the time I put a lot of it down to demographics - towns growing in the South-East in particular meaning places like Stevenage, Crawley, Barnet etc. - who all had clubs anyway but were used to bobbing around the Southern League - gradually found themselves with a much larger pool of support to draw from, and with it came gradual success. Coupled with the promotions of the few small-but-well-run and/or minted Northern teams since we've definitely got a southern bias. Not sure the demographic argument will have quite so strong an impact in the age of the big money backer, though. *other league names may apply
  6. Interesting article, I did vaguely follow US 'soccer' around the time we had the sort-of link up with Portland Timbers and will be keeping an eye on this. We do get a minor namecheck by the author (not Vardy) in case anyone is wondering. https://theathletic.com/2648727/2021/06/15/ive-never-done-anything-the-normal-way-jamie-vardy-becomes-co-owner-of-us-team-rochester-rhinos/ (may have to sign up to mailing list to read but it's free)
  7. Then waving like fury to come back on the pitch 10 seconds after going off
  8. And Insolvency comes in between...
  9. At the end of the day, it's hopefully one match only. It's a huge administrative burden and they're doing their best to get as many people safely into the ground as they can within legal (and possibly council-imposed) constraints. I understand that folk used to standing who can't may be a bit frustrated but please can we cut people some slack here.
  10. 5 home penalties today to 1 away unless I counted wrong... refs being swayed by the return of crowds?
  11. Way to ruin the mood after a good win. Literally every result gone against us today. I know we can (rightly) blame it on our own bad run of late but just fear the football gods are against us now.
  12. Oh **** off Aldershot and Boreham you useless ****.
  13. Absolutely tragic news. A true Town legend. Thoughts very much with his family.
  14. Home form just isn't good enough. After the season we've had it is so frustrating to see us pissing it away from such a strong position. Still 3 games to go of course, but no hiding place now.
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