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  1. King could be brilliant or awful but will be extremely hard to replace. we already play negative tactics and with best 2 players leaving the thought of another season of Clark and woods fills me with dread. Uninspiring news as usual from the club and think season ticket sales will be at an all time low
  2. Any ideas how this will work when my 2 sons (both under 14) often come to game with me and reading this I can only get ticket for one ?
  3. Won’t beat Chesterfield. Can’t keep a clean sheet so will need to score at least 2 and they will have a lot more chances than today. In the end too little too late.
  4. Generally hope we win today but won’t be watching as had enough after last few games. Don’t see wild changing tactics much and will sit back as usual. Clark in again is a mistake simply as we will sit deeper.
  5. Why are people even bothering. Wild bottled it with team selection and tactics weeks ago. Play offs were never going to happen, football has been awful to watch with defensive minded tactics. Sadly unless we find a gem that can keep fit and score 30 goals we will be in this league for a long time.
  6. He needs to step up and start admitting he’s got it wrong. Doesn’t seem to have that in him though and blames everything else. He wanted a new contract as he said he had earned it. Signed it and since has earned f... all.
  7. Was considering a season ticket again for next season. After watching the rubbish recently don’t think will bother, wild so stubborn with team selection and tactics, don’t fancy another season of this every game
  8. Said before the game started the season is over. We’ve played poorly for a number of weeks even if managed to get a few results. Need to rebuild with a mobile defence that doesn’t have to play so deep, and a striker that can keep fit
  9. Praying for a miracle, but think we should just start preparing for next season. 2 many injuries and poor games this season and don’t see the team today getting any points
  10. It’s been an ongoing conversation for weeks when we have won and lost
  11. When Clark plays we play deeper and automatically start to sit in. He wins headers and challenges but makes the whole team sit deeper. When he was injured that didn’t happen
  12. We need to get back on the front foot in games. Have to agree playing Clark means we just drop deeper as he has no pace. When he gets ball he hoofs or plays sideways so no one carries the ball and the midfield just disappears. I look forward to wilds interview when he says we out played them and dominated 😂 Allen needs to be dropped and shouldn’t even be on the bench the way he is playing.
  13. We have huffed and puffed though a lot of games recently. Been hanging on for playoffs but with remaining games left, and playing like this we might as well start looking forward to next year when at least you can shout your frustration in the Shay
  14. Agree. No reason to play so deep and invite the pressure we do.
  15. I say what I see. Even if some will say we were unlucky or some other rubbish excuse
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