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  1. He is a popular guy is our @Steve Lanzarote and very forthcoming when it comes to buying a beer :-)
  2. And Nat Brown 😳 not Sheff Utd, but still awful!
  3. DavidB86

    Game off

    Well that's ruined my weekend, already :-(
  4. Summerfield is a class act, as will Senior be! So glad to see Earing come good as was impressed with him last close season. As others have said King / Williams or the wing back set up in general suits and we are living it! Just enjoying one touch, confident knocks in middle of the park and showing intent. Hoping Hyde is the missing piece (goals) but so far so good.
  5. F11 on laptop. Usually.
  6. DavidB86


    We will be either very happy, or very sad after that opening... but will give us a good idea of how we will fair for the season!
  7. Worrying how many still do, or similar.
  8. So not stuck on a post-it note on the edge of the monitor then?!
  9. SSL certificate expiry, possibly. But yes, will affect all - not just yourself.
  10. They looked like a Rugby team to be fair. Everyone looked humongous. :-)
  11. Thoughts on this cryptic clue? RE: going down to the woods?
  12. My overdoing feeling / frustration is always that the better players seem to be in / from the south, and how do you entice somebody from the big smoke to sunny Yorkshire, and if you could then usually they are snapped up by a ‘Salford’ or now, apparently Stockport! I am / was for that reason very impressed when we got the HMO for the further afield’s to share. Whether that was a condition of Fullarton I don’t know, but it was as close as we have come to being able to offer that ‘something’ to entice the players we clearly desire / need to compete?!
  13. Agreed, away kit is class. Best in ages!
  14. Spent most of the season banned! The irony...
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