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  1. It would be great to see one of the youngsters become first team regulars and delivering quality performances. Pity we have no striker starlets in the making yet.
  2. how many Yorkshiremen will wait until the very last minute to hand over cash for their season ticket?
  3. how many of the 443 attending last night were real away supporters?
  4. should it be a warning if we are giving trials to players who only have managed a handful of games over recent years?
  5. rdj


    Didnt DB say that, when he leaves, he will not leave the club in debt? If he gets the £400k loan and post covid crowds are lower than previous levels then it could leave him hanging on.
  6. Devastating early injuries does not just happen to Town PNE signed Izzy Brown on his first 2 year contract during close season, where previously the Chelsea youngster had been out on loan at clubs. He played 30 minutes in a friendly game then did his achilles during a training session and is now out for 6-9 months!
  7. It might not be the only thing to put a dent in cash flow as it is still not certain what proportion of regular supporters will feel comfortable attending matches whilst infections still proliferate
  8. PNE fans team commented - "We didn't really want to shout about the result as it's not really our style but the scoreline doesn't tell the whole story. Our keeper has made a big save at 1-0 and we nodded home from a goalmouth scramble minutes later to make it 2-0 at the break. Second half is quite tight with next goal being key, but managed to score four goals in a five minute spell that blew them away. Some of the goals had a degree of fortune with deflections but you make your own luck sometimes! Scoreline came at a cost with our centre back Matt rupturing his achilles late on in the game (complete accident as they so often are) so he'll be out for several months, but big thanks for the support and kind messages."
  9. PNE fans were the league champions after beating Man City Fans 8-2 last month, so our lads did fantastic getting to the final.
  10. Jake will be in the treatment room half of the time !
  11. Straught over his head and past the Edge
  12. rdj

    Man City

    They have arranged a late friendly against PNE but because there have been a few covid cases it is behind closed doors at their Asademy ground.
  13. rdj


    You may not see all of them. Some will be recovering from injuries !!!
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