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  1. Perhaps the club could do like some other clubs and have one match a season dedicated to remember players and fans no longer with us. eg. PNE had their 'Gentry Day' at Notts Forest on saturday.
  2. It makes you wonder what the impact of having fans in the ground for home games like today. Would it give the team a boost or would the moaning and abuse have an adverse impact on our team's performance? Could be a double edged sword for the Chesterfield game.
  3. PW is lucky. If fans were in the ground watching these performances they would be letting him know , in no uncertain terms, that he needed to ne more proactive. It would be another Billy Heath situation except in these times the fans can't physically express themselves to get the message across to PW. I'm sure if fans were there PW would have got the message by now and reacted, so to avoid the players getting profound abuse.
  4. They were great to see. They shared 5 goals between them in a 5 nil away win at Acc Stanley. In those early years we had a knack of moving midfielders, like Frank, to the forward line with some good success.
  5. which game will Green miss following his fifth yellow card yesterday?
  6. fantastic ! keeping up our consistent inconsistency !
  7. PW could opt to start with Clarke and then play Maher rather than Spence. I suspect he will go for a point, and we know how that often works out!
  8. Crikey, if he is going off what the lad was like years ago at Woodley Sports, does PW not understand why the lad, all these years later, is not higher up the leagues. Wing and a prayer come to mind.
  9. Wild needs to review his team talks. He needs to get them fired up and get at them.
  10. when was the last time he played in a game? . how long to get match fit ?
  11. Just hope PW does not mess it up with subs and game plan
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