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  1. Its not Clarkes fault he is picked thats correct... but its clear to see he disrupts our attacking intent and slows play down. He shouldn't be in our starting 11 when everyone is fit unless playing against someone like a matt rhead, a big slow lump
  2. Yes we did, best 45 minutes of the season with our best defence, then Clarke comes back in and our attacking threat and good football we play out from the back all changed
  3. Even the sutton game for us as we were 2-0 up and cruising
  4. Alot actually went for us. Stonewall pen for yeovil not given, we go straight up and score. Woking goal disallowed and striker missing 1 on 1 opportunity. Even Borehamwood scored when Sam flapped at the corner yet we still threw the game away
  5. Yeah, stupid. Can sit in a pub next week at a table without a mask yet at the shay we have to wear a mask.
  6. Ive wondered the same... if we have nothing to play for i wont be going anyway
  7. Correct unfortunately. Few games ago i was certain of our place in the playoffs, now i feel 1 point max from our remaining games. Really hope im wrong and this side of ours has proved me wrong a few times this season
  8. Wouldn't just "pop up" on twitter... you would see who put it up... so would know if its an official outlet or just some fan designing a kit..
  9. Course Saturday matters. Awful whats happened with Deano but football and watching the shaymen is what has been keeping alot of people going through these difficult times. 29th and getting back in the shay for a small bit of "normality" cant come soon enough
  10. Eastleigh have a chance. Id say easiest run in on paper
  11. Such a shame but all i can think about are his kids and his family, left to pick up the pieces... hopefully a minutes silence/applause can be had at the Chesterfield game
  12. Not confirmed but unfortunately it obviously will be. Such a shame. He's kids aswel ffs 😔😔
  13. Ive said no and hope i am wrong. 2 tough away games.
  14. Yeah we dont have the quality to take the game to teams like we did when we battered notts county away for 45 minutes 🙄. Lets just sit back and let teams dominate us then Pete
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