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  1. You’ve tempted fate, he’s coming off the bench!!
  2. No one has a clue. Try picking a name from a hat lads. Will Smith?
  3. Thats not really getting behind your team is it?
  4. I tried to defend him and deflect the flak because I realised he was young and I was willing him to improve, but at the end I couldn’t really defend the indefensible. The more annoying bit for me was that he was often a starter when there were far better players on the bench, he would then get subbed too late when the game had gone. Not his fault, Wilds fault. It surely must be a wind up. Our strings are being pulled.
  5. Yes but TSS couldn’t. He spent most of his time with us on his backside, worst first touch in football, ever. Borehamwood goal was the peak of his shay career. Mind you I think some of the abuse he got on here was distasteful. Don’t want to relive all that again.
  6. Looking back they were blue shorts. Names eluded me too, but the passing moves for the goals were awesome. Just listen to that commentary, even referenced the Acca.
  7. Is this kit the one with purple and green? Glory days!! Commentary gold.
  8. No we once had a weird purple green and white one. I think that had paraglas sponsorship too. Oops it’s like the one above the last post but I’m sure it was weirder. Didn’t we play in that shirt when we won the west riding cup at valley parade? The glory days.
  9. I’ve got one at hand! Loving the title of this thread, it absolutely drew me in. You definitely need to join the commercial dept. with strap lines like that. Perhaps you start on a charm offensive to sell season tickets.
  10. Not disagreeing, but we’ve ripped off the away fans too. It’s just that they’ll turn up and say ‘how much?’ wtf!! then they’ll pay anyway because they are the same captive audience. I’ve witnessed astonished away fans in the past.
  11. The last three posts sum up exactly how I feel. I’ve decided to renew today out of a sense of duty, but I can’t recall ever being as disinterested in a new season as I am currently.
  12. Generally playing at home in crunch games like Wrexham. 35 minute battering in which they only managed to convert about 4 out of 10 clear chances. When we were bad we were very bad, thankfully some great away performances masked the few batterings.
  13. You’ve read all the posts from loyal long standing supporters above but you still believe the club have done their best. Really? The fact that so many people who normally don’t complain but are unhappy now speaks volumes about what the club thinks of their loyal supporters. There’s a difference between being able to afford a ticket, but being happy about it. You just seem genuinely happy with no empathy for others, even though you say we’ve paid over the odds. That’s a weird contradiction.
  14. Hey ‘big brains’, I don’t see many people ranting and raving on here. Most people are positive, I certainly am, but the issue is that for the third season on the trot Wild is almost building a team from scratch, that is not progress. This is despite announcing a retained list of 17 players. We understand market forces but it doesn’t mean we have to be happy with it. We are by no means stupid. You need to stop having a dig at your fellow shaymen by pretending to be more intelligent. You’ve just got a tie on, that’s all, it’s just a photo.
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