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  1. Just to clarify my own quotation. I am a Pete Wild fan and feel that the team has moved forwards under him, and he has been a good custodian, maintaining stability in uncertain times. However, I have learned not to listen to, or read his post match interviews, because he sees a different game to the one I saw.
  2. Well Pete Wild is factually and statistically wrong. Don’t hang on his every word as we all know he talks a lot of crap. That’s something he has made up in order to excuse this type of poor performance. As from yesterday our home record became worse than our away record.
  3. Can’t believe there are people on here already saying we have missed to play offs. We are supposed the be shaymen ffs, therefore we need to collectively ‘believe’ it will happen. There is meltdown on here every other week.
  4. Why would you hope that people think differently about considering King as player of the season after one or two poor team performances? Unless you don’t rate him of course? Both King and Williams had poor games today. The team has to be collectively advancing and pressing for wingbacks to be effective. Both players were put on the back foot today as they were forced to defend more than attack, hence Williams’ two bookings. Also are you really saying we are better off without Williams on the pitch?
  5. I know I’m stating the obvious, but our away record is now better than our home record. Who’d have thought that with three games left to play?
  6. I hate to say it, but Borem played well. Someone needs to give them some credit. It’s not always about us sadly, there were two teams out there. I’m as frustrated as the rest of us. I could understand the savage criticism if we’d been outplayed by a poor side, but they stifled us from the off by attacking us away from home with a physical game. Our style seems to suit their play and they are also one of those teams that seem to have the hoodoo on us. They are difficult to beat for a reason. We saw that today.
  7. I totally agree, but that doesn’t make us or our players crap.
  8. We are worldbeaters when we win and now people are saying our players are crap when we lose. Let’s throttle it back a bit and try to take some of the emotion out of it.
  9. Let’s be honest, they’ve played us off the park. If we nicked a goal now it would be like a victory.
  10. Williams really shouldn’t have conceded those fouls. Cynical to bring down a man just to stop him beating you. If King had done that we would have never heard the last of it.
  11. Shame Campbell didn’t start. He’s been lively.
  12. Implosion. I’m awaiting the mother of site meltdowns.
  13. We’re in danger of having a better away record than at home. You can’t make that one up.
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