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  1. More likelier than Ronnie Moore.
  2. He was deffo injured and carried the knock according to PW. so didn´t retain 100% fitness but PW also insisted he wanted NC in as well.
  3. He was on the bench due to an injury.
  4. 5 years out of the game & 68 year old no thanks.
  5. I´m of the same opinion as Hoddie, PW has proved nothing yet, yes he has potential but that could go either way. Definitely do not want Ronnie Moore if he did go.
  6. Tom Bradbury GOODDDDDDDDDDDDD news
  7. Staggered that we have at least had news on Bradbury & Senior before tickets announced.
  8. Couldn´t you have signed him for your other team?🤔
  9. Not according to Chesterfield manager he said he would still field a team without sub keeper. How many years did we pay Phil Senior then the day we need him he was at a wedding so we had to draft Morgan in.
  10. Yes sorry just think Sub keeper a complete waste of money.
  11. He signed on a 2 year contract last season But Southend fans forum believe he is transferring to them.
  12. Only ones out of contract now are Bradbury & Senior.
  13. Sincerely hoping we did not see the best of Woods last season due to him having covid otherwise he is simply too slow, also hope we don´t sign anymore golden oldies.
  14. He´s not good enough yet.
  15. Best I´ve seen England play for many many years.
  16. Sure you wouldn´t hold a party then post it online.
  17. He did break covid rules by having a gender announcement party (never heard of them before) which lead to a massive row with the manager who just wants shut, suppose If PW wants him he must think he can control him.
  18. What a brilliant game, never thought I would say this but I am really enjoying these euros.
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