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  1. We loaned him from them and he just went back as far as I know.
  2. Not really because we will just get another sub keeper would not be surprised, as I said before if PW doesn´t sign Renshaw.
  3. We certainly can. Would slightly have preferred Spain only because keeper a bit dodgy. It was a good game though Chris.
  4. What gets me is he admits his best 3 for results last season Byrne-Maher-Bradbury but insisted playing Clarke.
  5. Are you buying Pete a ticket😂
  6. Doing a 199 ticket for one year never did any club any good Bradford city has done it for 10 years and look at their sales now. They had bad support back in the day as well.
  7. I will edit first post with all new signings.
  8. Mixlr will be recording, will let you know when.
  9. Even a car loan at this point in time minimum 7.9% to 9%.
  10. Promotion to the league with TV money etc and following fans there would be no need for 25 pound a game.
  11. There is a holiday on payments (5 years I seem to remember but could be wrong) then 2% interest and guaranteed by the gov it´s not far off free money, local businesses would snap your hand off for that.
  12. Sadly Mr. B you are not going to make any new friends with this pricing, check out Bromley site, they are having to rethink their pricing strategy.
  13. Thought Bradford City Fav to sign him, think he was with them as a youth player.
  14. Stenson out until Nov & Benn we don´t know will be 1st team squad which makes us having 12 + 4 = 16
  15. 4 gives us a squad of 16
  16. OK pretty content with renewals as long as we don´t sign any further golden oldies we have enough experience with Sam,Byrne,Summerfield & Woods so we need:- RB,LB,CD,creative MF & 2 attackers all need to be 1st teamers not squad players oh and PW will want sub keeper.
  17. Jack Senior for another year
  18. Position and age should have been 2 years imo.
  19. Position and age should have been 2 years imo.
  20. More likelier than Ronnie Moore.
  21. He was deffo injured and carried the knock according to PW. so didn´t retain 100% fitness but PW also insisted he wanted NC in as well.
  22. He was on the bench due to an injury.
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