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  1. Would think it has to be a record that we have only signed 2 players before preseason.
  2. He has the right sort of pedigree and age also believe from memory he did get into the NLN team of the week before season curtailed.
  3. Two days ago I put this up by Tina Turner this I think is the original.
  4. Read that earlier he was always a pain to us, a good striker,RIP Ernie.
  5. Would you have wanted him to, I wouldn´t.
  6. Henderson had been subbed.
  7. Joined Wrexham a goal keeper coach.
  8. Later seen taking them out of the skip and heading homeward bound.🤣
  9. Maguire showed them how to take penalties and can Grealish, Sterling & Phillips not take them before the young kids I would have even kept Walker on to take one.
  10. It was like watching Halifax storm away get a goal sit back and give them confidence and the the inevitable goal. Miss 3 penalties is sacrilege. Roll on the new season.
  11. Poor tactics second half subs poor bringing Henderson on he never got into game.
  12. Can´t agree with you there Greggs streaming is no where the same as attending a live game I most certainly would attend the game if I still lived in Halifax regardless of any streaming.
  13. Home internationals were brilliant after that I lost complete interest in internationals (friendlies a complete and utter waste of time) must admit though I have quite enjoyed this euro which I have never taken interest before.
  14. I don´t think DB actually wants to sell any season tickets. He´s banking on a good season and gate money. Poor season and it goes sadly wrong.
  15. Nope we will win.😃
  16. Unfortunately you have just describes the world Roy.
  17. Dedicated RB I think occasionally played RCB.again only 24.
  18. NO it has been banned.😂
  19. I see Theo Vassell hasn´t sign for any club yet, I think he is a very good RB.
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