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  1. FC Halifax Town: 1 Sam Johnson, 2 Jeff Senior, 4 Nathan Clarke ©, 5 Neill Byrne, 6 Tom Bradbury, 8 Kieran Green, 11 Danny Williams, 19 Luke Summerfield, 26 Martin Woods, 31 Niall Maher, 36 Billy Chadwick Subs: 12 Harrison Davison-Hale, 3 Jack Senior, 9 Jake Hyde, 28 Darren Stephenson, 30 Kian Spence
  2. PW said he is looking for the same performance as Sat.
  3. He did his leg in in the game v Hudds and had to have op so out for the rest of the season, back at Sheff to recuperate.
  4. It´s 3pm unless you have 1 hour diff.
  5. Stop being a moaning old git.😂
  6. Majority would be saying we had a good go whereas with Sat we just did not and when your manager concedes before the game what chance have you got?
  7. Pretty normal in my day, you just got up and got on with it.
  8. If you have the attitude that you won´t win then you never will.
  9. ¨if we got a point on Sat it would be good¨his words, That´s playing to draw.
  10. I will repeat what I said on Saturday, IMO We need as much energy & speed as possible today but fear PW will put Nathan in and we will lose speed and movement from defence, missing Earing is a heavy burden but still feel we can pull this off. (would have liked Obiero but no chance). 1 Sam Johnson 5 Byrne 31 Maher 6 Bradbury 2 King 3 Senior 8 Green 19 Summerfield 30 Spence 9 Hyde 36 C
  11. https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town-ill-rotate-again-for-monday-says-wild-ahead-of-yeovil-clash-3221900
  12. Joseph Mary Jesus and the little donkey PW says he is hoping for the same performance at Yeovil that he got from his players against Stockport and that he will rotate again as it worked, did he watch the same game as we did, so we are going to play to lose 1-0.
  13. Well it didn´t work. Attacking is a better game plan.
  14. TBH PW is starting to remind me of so many managers in the past that seems to think too much of the opponents instead of building our team up, I still think we will scrape into the play offs though. He has to go back to positive thinking and play to our strengths.
  15. That bit we seem to be it´s the defending we aren´t.
  16. Played his last game for Kings Lynn ? https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/cameron-king-future-in-doubt-at-kings-lynn-7940688
  17. hartlepool 3-1 demoted them back to small h.😁
  18. You do come out with a load of tripe bully boy.
  19. Did you watch the same game as everyone else most fans had Spence second to Luke as motm as did courier.
  20. Spence was 2nd to Summerfield for motm Tues and yes Stockport are a different level to Woking but thats the same for the whole team and the sub for Chadwick imo was far too late to let him get into the game.
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