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  1. Nope we will win.😃
  2. Unfortunately you have just describes the world Roy.
  3. Dedicated RB I think occasionally played RCB.again only 24.
  4. NO it has been banned.😂
  5. I see Theo Vassell hasn´t sign for any club yet, I think he is a very good RB.
  6. My point is Shergar4 I don´t think we will even be looking at the same type of signings.
  7. Also on club Website interviews by Luke. Well done Luke good communications.
  8. We can compete with the likes of Stockport etc simply because we are fishing in a different pool, I doubt we even look at the players they are after.
  9. I tend to read up on their hair products, simply because I´m a no hair jealous pot.
  10. Read a refs report who in his opinion it was a penalty but said that if you want to play to the letter of the law then their goal should have been disallowed as their players stood in front of the wall to block Pickfords view and they were not a yard away which they should have been.
  11. He is by far the biggest share holder he did own 50% but then sold 10% to David Beckham.
  12. Looks like another good signing Brilliant.
  13. 26 year old forward 30 games last season for Torquay
  14. The only thing to improve the game is goal line technology.
  15. No it didn´t say hope 2 year.
  16. OK who´s been sing that today????? I have.🤣
  17. TBH it doesn´t matter whether anybody knew of Gilmour or not he has a good pedigree , is the right age and if he was brilliant before he came we would not have got him it´s up to coaching staff to get the best out of him after all look at King & Rodney before they came to us.
  18. No qualms about the penalty, Sterling got clattered all night and the ridiculous holding all night by both team plus never a yellow card in a million years that Maguire got so C´mon England. 🤩
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