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  1. I agree AJS but would like the 9 before Chesterfield just to rub it in.
  2. 9 points from 4 games and we are in the PO´s.
  3. I know just winding the old bugger up, hence halo.
  4. Conditions as bad in different ways as last Tuesday, they seem to suite us.😃
  5. Think it was your mate but any one of 3😇
  6. Don´t know but I thought it should have been Woods.
  7. Sams best performance this season and how the ref did not give them a penalty I´ll never know but today Sam would have saved it.....good follow up and goal by Green and super cool Hyde tucking that one away. Great result under horrible conditions.
  8. It reminds me of playing at Roil Head.
  9. Chadwick did exactly what he has not been doing lately straight into the box and bingo penalty easly tucked away by Luke.
  10. Not in according to team sheet we number 2 Jeff Senior.😆
  11. Been out for a long time long term injury.
  12. Then he should have been left at home to rest.
  13. If Hyde has a problem he should not be on the bench- fit for bench = fit to play.
  14. At least we have signed a new player in number 2 Jeff Senior.🤣
  15. Yeovil Town: 1 Adam Smith, 3 Carl Dickinson, 35 Billy Sass-Davies, 18 Albi Skendi, 14 Michael Kelly, 24 Josh Neufville, 21 Tom Knowles, 34 Chris Dagnall, 19 Joe Quigley, 33 Reuben Reid Subs: 27 Alex Bradley, 31 Max Evans, 26 Max Hunt, 25 Emmanuel Sonupe, Toby Stephens
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