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  1. Usually early in a morning.
  2. He has actually been on a couple of times lately.
  3. The problem is if a loan player from say Accrington has a contract from the host club to the end of their season, once their season finishes he is a free agent therefore he cannot play for us unless we offer him a contract.
  4. He but been injured and has sore knees
  5. Will Campbell be a problem (ie Rodney last season) as at the end of the season he is a free agent so loan would end unless we offered him a contract for the play offs.
  6. You trying to give me nightmares Andy.😟
  7. We originally posted he was with us until the end of the season having learnt from last seasons problems or so I thought.
  8. It´s the problem you have when you loan players. Never liked the system.
  9. They could be thinking on the lines with the season being extended so only a short break before new season starts he needed the rest for their next season.
  10. There always is can be recalled after 28 days but seems strange if someone has come in for him and Hull prepared to sell as he had just signed a new contract with them prior to joining us on loan.
  11. Stephenson didn´t do much yesterday but not really had a chance in those conditions.
  12. The ref made him take it again as the ball was moving when he kicked it.
  13. They think they had multiple certain penalties.
  14. It´s a brilliant result Roy especially in those conditions as well.
  15. You then realise there are far more younger ones in the world than there are older ones than you.🤫
  16. Other half´s view a bit biased. https://www.ytfc.net/news/2021/may/match-report--yeovil-town---fc-halifax-town/
  17. Can´t see how is was in the running for MOTM in the courier and Big Sam does not even get a mention.
  18. Yes he seems to be a Woods fan as well personally can´t see it.
  19. Unfortunately we would then not have a forum.
  20. PW interview he actually watched the same game as us today, now carry on and play positively.
  21. Would love Chesterfield to miss out.
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