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  1. Tom there are loads of players out there this season for free, I feel that´s where we will be looking.
  2. So everybody knows before the fans, could have and should stated both players put up for transfer due to players requests then let the bidding begin.
  3. Why do you really want to hear about the lowest budget in the league and how Covid has drained us? As I previously stated we seem to be the only club affected by the Covid money drought.
  4. Willing to bet that the fees received will wipe out the debts from this last year and none will go to paying a fee for a new player, which to be honest I don´t blame the club in order to secure the future of the club. There´re the players out there, particularly this season, to sign for free so C´mon PW get to work with Gareth and prove your worth. It´s certainly going to be an interesting season. My only criticism is this statement from PW should have been much earlier. We new both were going so good fees would have been received, more clubs would have been interested in both the players other than Wrexham & hartlepool.
  5. If they feel a 18/20 striker is needed for a season they will and would be money well spent if promotion gained.
  6. Geoff Cope & Guide dog just been on TV he´s at the England cricket.
  7. We are and really always have been as Ham & Peacock didn´t have a say.
  8. Correct we would have receive all the fee.
  9. Apparently we seem to be the only club affected by the covid money draught.
  10. He was our player hartlepool wanted him so we would set the fee and they would have to pay it end off PW saying silly money being spent this season so why wouldn´t we get our fee IMO certainly upwards of 50k probably 80k.
  11. PW done an interview on Non League paper anybody got it I can´t open it.
  12. Sleeping-free entry-sleeping-free food-sleeping-best mates with Chairman.
  13. Jack had minor injury.
  14. Strange Byrne playing second half today at Hartlepool not having trained or has he been training with them?
  15. Thanks for that WB.😒
  16. I don´t believe he will have gone for peanuts Challinor knows him and wanted him, we will have stuck to our price and he will have paid it now they have the money.
  17. Ham came back but don´t believe cash involvement.
  18. You´ve been missed.😂
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