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  1. Sure I read Linker has never forgiven him.
  2. You obviously didn´t read all the quotes then Mark or are thinking of another signing.
  3. Was that was Linekers last international game?
  4. Collapses in 43rd minute of their game CPR administered, game & TV coverage halted. Hope the young mana is OK but does not seem good.
  5. They can just take a w/e break.☺️
  6. How do we know Lewis, they won´t tell us until 2.50 21st August.
  7. Get Torquay promoted we need the money.
  8. We have gone into mushroom growing mode.
  9. Yup I´d say they are.
  10. They are also wanting the freehold for their ground returning to the club.
  11. Certainly do anything above grass was a fair tackle.
  12. Was it not Spence who scored the cracking goal?
  13. Based on seeing him for Scarborough & us, remember he was in for MOTM before being injured and reports from a qualified scout,
  14. Ros Barrows plays for King´s Lynn.
  15. Lots on here want to get rid of him.
  16. I would as I would Spence.
  17. Been predicting Earing ever since he joined, when his fellow players talk about him the way he did from day 1.
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