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  1. We are not just on the field 11 x 11 we´ll just have to surprise a few, bring it on.😃
  2. Also Tony Fields from way back.
  3. Along with Tuton probably a pretty good attack in Conf north.
  4. Well that created a lot of enthusiasm didn´t it.🙄
  5. Being a long term supporter I have seen and been subject to, shall we say, a lot of cons on the fans by the BODS at different times but this one seems to really stick in everyones throat.
  6. I think most fans are panicking simply due to lack of communication plus the season ticket saga has not helped.
  7. By the law of averages if there are more players available through out the football league more will be available in our band group, we will not be looking in the same pool as Stockport-Wrexham-Notts C- etc but doesn´t mean we will not be successful. Infact I would say there´re probably more as the number of U23 released by L1/2 are significantly higher and that is where the majority of our players will come from also FL clubs will be less tempted to go into the lower league clubs for a promising player due to money constraints.
  8. I would totally disagree with that after the year we have had, there´re more players available this season than ever.
  9. Think you will find we had 14 last year & 14 this year which is the required number to register for the new season.
  10. I remember Bob Walkers interview on the radio just after he had taken over say we were really a division 1 club and it was his aim to get us there.
  11. PW will Know Theo Vassell from his Oldham days as well.
  12. I did point this out last season when PW bottled it.
  13. By wanting the quality of the likes of NC this next season. I wouldn´t have signed him last season.
  14. You actually want to be in the national north then.
  15. Short memory n3c, you moaning when NC left.😂
  16. Everybody knew except the fans.
  17. Tom there are loads of players out there this season for free, I feel that´s where we will be looking.
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