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  1. Checking fitness today if not 110% fit I don´t think we need him Sat, we should win this game cannot understand why fans are saying it´s a difficult game, we should get 3 points.
  2. Yes read about this on another forum the family was asking for info which they got to hand to the police. Good luck to the gent.
  3. That could be due to them recalling him then loaning him to us a second time.
  4. Even Alec South going to CF for a while.
  5. Brilliant memory has to be Large-Whitelaw combination.
  6. We actually played well that day infact far better than we did at Wembley but lost and won the cup.
  7. They were saying Fav Leicester again.
  8. Why is he going to watch the Euros? PO finals not at Wembley this season due to Euros I believe.
  9. Been given permission for the season unless on BT so no problems ob.
  10. Last time I was in Brussels I had a crash so not my favourite place.
  11. in a house(villa)😍
  12. I use my own name and don´t say anything on here I would not say face to face infact If I was FTF I would probably say a lot more.😂
  13. TBH it was very nasty between Flea and him went on a long time then as I say Erik making a reference to his wife (not derogatory but TNV took offense.)
  14. The Norwegian Viking who used to list the ratings of the players, he had a long running battle with Flea who obviously disliked each other and in the latter period with Erik after Erik made some reference to TNV´s passing wife.
  15. We have a squad game tonight looking at players for next season.
  16. The problem is as was with Rodney, if another club is interested in giving him a permanent contract he would be reluctant to sign a short term one in case of injury.
  17. He wont I think it´s 10 at this time of the season.
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