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  1. Photos 1 Spence 2 Maher 3 Big Sam 4 Woods-Green Video I would say youth team.
  2. As Bradley Walsh would say DB is a trained spy.
  3. I think the quote said we only qualified for half of what we had applied for, but no figure mentioned.
  4. See Alty not afraid to tell you who the trialist are obv not dim enough to think other clubs don´t know who you are giving a trial to, one or two other clubs as well, not a secret service like us!
  5. We have to keep interest right upto the last game of the season.
  6. I think they are hoping for a good season and fans paying on the gate.
  7. Carl Rushworth played 45 min in each of Walsall´s last two games.
  8. I wouldn´t have minded keeping Tavlon Campbell.
  9. Best chance we have is the fact he is known by & he knows PW, Chris M & Gareth.
  10. Seemed that way from the text. Would seem he´s not coming to us then.
  11. Yes he has played today, as I said earlier not done any training unless he was training with Hartlepool before signing, which I would not be surprised.
  12. If it was one or the other I personally would go for Vassell.
  13. Jake Lawlor is on the bench for Hartlepool.
  14. Yes he does & Gareth knows him from PV days.
  15. Rowe has already said he has to go out on loan to get match fit then wants him back to use in the later part of a game if they need a plan B.
  16. I´m not saying I blame them I just never want Halifax Town to go down the same path, yes I would like money investing in the club but not like that.
  17. Bring it on would be my thinking. We beat good teams every season. Competing financially is something we´ve never done oh except a few weeks when Walker gave Bracewell stupid money and look where that got us.
  18. A footballer at any level should want to play against the best and beat them. They may not gel as they will all have big ego´s.
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