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  1. 😂 It´s a very typical mushroom farmers wording, Feed them BS and keep in the dark. But don´t worry Mr. C as soon as they want money they will be very explicit.😂
  2. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/sources-walsall-closing-in-on-22-y-o-midfielder-signing/ Could well be on his way.
  3. Just coming into maturity for a Keeper.
  4. James Hardy leaves Alty a good free player.
  5. All that really means Chris is:- Byrne-Maher-Allen-Spence-Stenson & Hyde are contracted players so signed for next season & Big Sam has re signed nothing more nothing less. The way it is worded makes it sounds as though all last seasons players have signed, which they obviously have not.
  6. Spain not like they used to be, very physical.
  7. WHAT? not the great Chesterfield.😂
  8. As he is contracted to 2023 can´t see us paying a fee.
  10. Really YES. Clarke and Woods are far too SLOW.
  11. Big Sam Signed 2 years Has his critics but still worth 15 points a season to me.
  12. Looks like a shear lack of ambition to me for next season wanting to keep Clarke & Woods.
  13. Don´t hold your breath Mark.🤫
  14. He was OK first season second was caught out many times I personally as stated many times would not have given him a further contract.
  15. How the hell did a fan fall from the balcony onto the seating and concrete below, in a serious state apparently. Hope he is OK.
  16. Now be a little ¨h¨ against Torquay.
  17. MOTM to me Kalvin Phyllips.
  18. Sorry Mark thought you meant on our site, as far as I remember we were all surprised Wrexham let him go.
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