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  1. Hope we think the same after the game.
  2. For Welling, they are struggling for players. They have only named four substitutes with two of them being kids from the youth team. Their goalkeeper is a Liechtenstein international and was in action during the week, as was Harry Beautyman for England C at the Shay. by Andy Cross - FC Halifax... 2:41 PM ↑0
  3. Would have preferred Williams on bench to Schofield if any doubt at all to Robbo
  4. FCHT Team: Glennon; K Roberts, M Roberts, Ainge, McManus; Marshall, Maynard, Pearson; Peniket, Dyer, Smith #fcht FCHT subs: Senior, Bolton, Jackson, Boden, Schofield #FCHT
  5. Robbo out http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/745294244?-18679:6337
  6. Come off Moddyb1........they will be boasting on here in 10 years time how they got you............
  7. Love it Mr V start without the Bantams.....could be 3 up by the time they arrive..........no sorry 5 forgot about warm up time
  8. Still allowed it. Could have cancelled coverage.
  9. BT allowed it by over 1 hour. Nuneaton v Grimsby
  10. These sales should be included in Bobby Hams beggar meter to me it´s cheating by not doing so......
  11. Did you used to wrestle with 2nd cousin half removed Vinny
  12. All this ranting & raving and at the end of the day you will all attend cheer on the Shaymen see a fabulous game a FCHT win and have a great time then boast in 10 years ¨I was there¨ on the other hand I will watch it on the TV wishing I was there thinking you lucky Bar-stewards but unfortunately it´s impossible, so good luck fellow Shaymen & enjoy that great day.
  13. Sorry SOLD OUT..................only residents of Lanzarote can buy tickets
  14. http://www.halifaxafc.co.uk/news/article/fa-cup-ticket-update-2022883.aspx
  15. Indispensable comes to mind in both departments......
  16. Sounds like time share Nobody is picking on Kelly Mr V...................
  17. Kelly can dual task................ooooos sorry triple task she had twins
  18. Only 94 miles Shaymarn, Matty runs that every morning before breakfast
  19. Our common denominator Vinny praying for a promotion winning season
  20. Should have let me know I would have safeguarded you from the jellyfish
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