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  1. 10AM Update No confirmed signings or players departing The Shay as yet today January: IN - Jack Muldoon (Rochdale loan), Will Hatfield (signed until end of the season), Ross Killock (Leeds youth loan), Sam Hillhouse (contract from youth team) OUT: Dominic Marie (Bacup and Rossendale Borough loan), Simon Ainge (Bradford PA) by FC Halifax Town 10:07 AM Adriano Moke signs on at Macca ↑0
  2. A ll in the mind Steve all in the mind
  3. Marie extends his loan period Bacup and Rossendale Borough. does not say how long for
  4. Well............I do not know who we are signing and thought that by the Hoo Haa on here I would be struck by lightening in the middle of the night through my pure lack of being an ELITIST but Haa I am still alive and full of glee in the knowledge that by the end of this this day I will be joining the happy band of the elite...........Amen
  5. Jack Muldoon from what I can glean is a stocky lad capable of putting himself about, looked good enough at Worksop for Rochdale to take a punt, it has not worked out for the lad but that does not mean it wont with us. The step up five divisions looked a bit too much so he is with us to kick start his career lets hope he hits the ground running and becomes our new Vardy. Looks as though he will be released at the end of the season so he has everything to play for like Hatfield so in my eyes is better that a straight forward loan deal. Good look to the lad....................playoffs here we com
  6. Thats because he´s coming from a league club
  7. which is exactly how we should sign our players not has beens from FL
  8. I would say more of a loss than Marc at this point in time...But hopefully a good price
  9. Put all them together DJ and they still wont be as good as the 50 year old player they once had.
  10. Well still not the dreaded news I expected to wake up to that Robbo had gone to Birmingham,PNE, Millwall or where ever and still no new arrivals but we have until 11pm Monday 2nd Fed.
  11. Here´s hoping he get the payers he wants and more importantly they want to come.
  12. Ok say 2 suspended & 3 injured we do not have enough and Don´t say it can´t happen because it did last season
  13. Well into the last week of transfer window, there must surely be some signings for us as we are very short on numbers if we want to try for the play offs. What has happened to Dyer, if he still wants to play football he must be well & truly p!ssed off not even making the bench and should he not want to play then move him on.
  14. Yes strange one that originally 1 month loan extended for another month but did not play him
  15. But if we had one we might have been promoted last season...................no.one knows Nope we´ll get there with or without
  16. Very true Luke just throwing their arguments back at them........
  17. You do not know if James Caton is any good or not he is a Shrewsbury(L2 3rd) player so your saying Will Hatfield is no good then Acc S L2 14th You do not know if James Caton is any good or not he is a Shrewsbury(L2 3rd) player so your saying Will Hatfield is no good then Acc S L2 14th
  18. And on here we are lead to believe none exist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  19. left footed left winger just signed on loan for Southport James Caton from Shrewsbury
  20. Ben Tomlinson who we reportedly tried to sign is out of contract this summer.Maybe worth another bid.
  21. Actually many many clubs do exactly that MU,Liverpool Chelsea if the player is 20 and one foe the future. Thats why I like you Wider-Bollox
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