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  1. Another advantage is we would be getting Free manure
  2. Got the solution to all our problems Chadders & WB could stand in the middle of the pictch and blow all their hot air out (from both ends ) to dry the ground out
  3. Surely you would just have seen scary big fat shadows creeping aroud
  4. I thought if anyone you would know WB.
  5. Argh rainy day in Lanzarote,,,
  6. we have the squad we have the manager lets complete the double trophy/promotion if you dont think you can win it you should not be in it. Believe...
  7. Never mind the backlog we have done it before. Listen to the players they would rather play than train................Liked Bodens quip about Matty Glennons attempt at saving their goal...............I thought he was playing for a draw.......when asked about backlog and promotion ..............we just want to get back in the league..............all sounds positive to me ...........and NA .if we play as we did in the first 45 we are a match for anyone.....
  8. Even less atmosphere for penalties no-one behind the goals
  9. Hoooooooooooo Forgot about Muldoon seems he´s been with us for ever Exactly
  10. And Danny Scho gets the MOTM his skills (if not his age and absence from the game) deserves. Having a dig at myself before anyone else does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Semi-North F. for me Final don´t care we only get expenses not gate rec. so does not matter. As long as we win.
  12. Penalties Gatehead -S-M-S-S- Wrexham -S-S-S-S-S
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