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  1. We have a far superior squad to last season (and yes Monk I did say we would make 5th on here at this stage last season and everyone laughed at me) but what got us through IMO was the camaraderie of a small squad so the team was not change about but we ran out of steam. this season we have still yet to gel with the new players. I believe we should not rotate the team willy nilly but should pick the best 11 and stick with it, when someone is injured (which we have been very lucky so far this season) then change that one or with loss of form or tiredness. I believe Mr V you are wrong in assessin
  2. We will improve 2nd half.......and they can never have watched Halifax AFC for the majority of the last 55 years
  3. ! min extra Dartford equalise Aspin re-instated
  4. FC Halifax Town team: Glennon; Bolton, M Roberts ©, Hutchison, McManus; Schofield, Pearson, Maynard; Muldoon, Boden, Peniket. FC Halifax Town subs: Senior, K Roberts, Hatfield, Smith, Jackson.
  5. Hope you are right.....means Oz will have worked a miracle
  6. Now come on Monk thats carrying positivity a bit too far..
  7. Someone as positive as me....................Love it.................C´mon FCHT
  8. So thats 15 points we are looking at Monk
  9. warm and sunny 27 degrees no wind (thats me & the weather) Lanza weather...
  10. Lower your helicopter Mr V when flying over & disperse the water
  11. make sure its a Big padlock with a double thick chain
  12. Unfortunately the fact is Steve it will happen as they do not give a T@SS
  13. Sounds like Boden will not be picked
  14. We have to go with an attacking formation and take the game to them from the off, I can understand going to Kiddy to contain them with a point in mind but when playing bottom half opponents we must win . A point from this game will not be acceptable. I would like to see both Smith & Muldoon start, also what has happened to the forgotten man Mellor after his nervous start we have not seen him? We have to go for the win 2-0 for me. No doubt Sir Bernie will informs us of the Team shortly.
  15. Not going anywhere end of
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