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  1. Does he always tell the trueth and does he even know?
  2. Rugby club are actually pawns in this deal as I believe they have defaulted on their contract
  3. Bit like selling off the Towns assets as they keep doing
  4. Could charge FCHT more money then they could train there
  5. that cuts you & WB out then Chodds
  6. Shock horror......Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Sorry never a dead cert for PV job as the chairman always said who he wanted.
  8. So everyone thinks we cant beat BR & Barnet....have you read their match reports Bristol have to be the luckiest team around (it wont last) getting deflected goals etc as they did against us, remember we had 65% of the played against them. Barnet are playing absolute garbage (unlike the begining of the season) we, hopefully, are coming out of our bad spell. Yes BR & Barnet are full time teams with strong squads ours is the strongest looking squad FCHT have ever had, look what we did last season, we will click it is only a matter of time it is still in our hands...Believe
  9. I agree with you moodyb1 as long as we can have the points back for when we forgot to turn up and lost
  10. all doom and gloom over we have scored
  11. we dont sound to have turned up again
  12. Match day good luck FCHT and safe journey to all going.
  13. sorry to hear about the young man hope he makes a speedy recovery and returns to his sport
  14. Early post but we need to get away from Sat debacle and get some positivity going, both players interviewed after the game sounded down. Aldershot on the other hand have been inproving, but our poor run STOPS here we will got there and win then we will be back on track. My team Glennon, Bolton, Robbo ©, Hutchison, Macca, Pearson, Maynard, Hatfield, Smith, Peniket, Muldoon. Subs Senior, Roberts, Schofield, JJ, Hattersley C,mon the Shaymen
  15. Don´t think it will happen but it would be very gratifying should it come to fruition they have purely brought the situation upon themselves.
  16. I seem to remember the fans boasting about it
  17. Just the pitch...............no chance greg45 is in the know
  18. Mr Titmarsh´s teacher has spoken
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