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  1. I am probably what shaytrev would call an Aspinazis as I believe NA is poss the best manager I have seen at the Shay having said that I do believe he has made mistakes this season and firmly believe we have lost out on one of the best chances of getting out of the conference as no team has been exceptional and another season we have it all to do again with NO guarantees. But we live in hope.
  2. Don´t you just long for those days when we used to go in the pouring rain get hammered and then stay in the ground for half hour and debate why we lost again week after week but still kept going back
  3. As I said we have a basis of a very good young team, Jan signings not yet worked out poss will next season if we keep Muldoon, Hatts & Hutch signed so they will all improve
  4. Boden could not buy a goal at the moment.....he will go in the summer then score 20 next season............Peniket out for rest of this season. He and Hattersley will be mainstays for next season.
  5. NA will still be with us contracted to end of next season, Will need to improve most of departments goal, CD. MF & CF we still have the basis of a good very young team
  6. Boden on - Hatts off Jamie B 2-1
  7. FC Halifax Town team: Glennon; Bolton, M Roberts ©, Hutchison, McManus; Pearson, Schofield, Maynard; Smith, Hattersley, Jackson. #FCHT FC Halifax Town subs: Senior, Williams, Hatfield, Muldoon, Boden. #FCHT
  8. Yes no interlude on take your pick
  9. one has no reason to lie
  10. Are you practicing for the yes/no interlude show Flea
  11. Does he always tell the trueth and does he even know?
  12. Rugby club are actually pawns in this deal as I believe they have defaulted on their contract
  13. Bit like selling off the Towns assets as they keep doing
  14. Could charge FCHT more money then they could train there
  15. that cuts you & WB out then Chodds
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