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  1. at least he would be 3 years younger than Scho when we signed him.................but i´m in the no category
  2. Suppose depends how much we have to pay, young & been offered terms but would be good buy edit sorry he is 31
  3. Well Dave could redecorate the changing room if NA had to throw his pizza about.
  4. A player i would like for us..Waterfall
  5. Worcester feel it will be hard to keep hold of Geddes as a club is interested, Is it us?
  6. Have they not played together for Wales U21?
  7. We didn´t do one last season just found out when players signed for other clubs
  8. Matty G is about the 5/6th best keeper in this division = we can improve. We have to look at improving every position.
  9. Wake up SDS keep off the Jack Daniels
  10. Sounds like Northbridge busy again tonight
  11. If its impossible to be impossible then surely its possible
  12. Never mind C´mon, C´mon Shaymen fans Att 852
  13. H/T FCHT 0-1 Eastleigh og Marc Roberts
  14. FCHT 0-1 Eastleigh og Marc Robbo
  15. Could it be certain players do not want to play? OMEN---------town playing to south stand
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