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  1. 20% drunk before the game so do not see it or see double 50% drunk after game so cant remember it 28% alzheimers suffers so that leaves Flea & DJ
  2. No sam just indepth reading .and internet watching clips & club reports & forums as most professional scouts do.(not claiming to be a professional scout just keen enthusiast with time) plus keeping an eye on clubs were you know they have a good structure of coaches & management as higher clubs now do with us.
  3. I would say there are 3 McGuire,GordonChettle It would certainly be a step up for them but wether we pay enough or not I do not know.
  4. Dont know about icehockey bit it is blinking cold up there
  5. Steve Chettle Notts Forest? Edit just googled Yes CB Notts Forest now Ass Manager / academy manager Ilkeston
  6. Another on to watch from Ilkeston called into England C Callum Chettle MF
  7. Not Hoddie I acknowledge the warning I have received but cannot understand what it is for.
  8. Peter Noble on face book claiming we have new players but no names (is this Flea in Disguise?)
  9. He´ll come good in NA we have faith and shaymanjoe will be his No1 fan
  10. A point I made earlier a season at BPA then look at him Edit Sorry AJS wasn´t advocating signing him just saying that the lad had been out for most of the season.
  11. tbh AJS he has been injured most of season............and only 21
  12. Have they got the finances to take the risk. Would not have thought so TBH
  13. To all you Ross Hannah fans he has been released today
  14. Lanzarote to discuss the coming season
  15. Aaron Williams looks another bustling lad well worth a punt 5·10¨ should not cost too much & seems to have found his scoring boots------------don´t think League club would risk him----------ideal NA player maybe a scoring winger Akinde Mr WB would think he would jump at the chance.
  16. Think he´s drawing his pension now greg45
  17. Have to go for Crouchy then he´s in England 2¨ on a map
  18. to go with the new aesthetic pitch
  19. Get him signed SDS, or have we already?
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