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  1. Josh Gillies to Gateshead from Carlisle
  2. Well this place should liven up from Monday NA back from holidays.......
  3. LCS dont you go giving double barrelled names, you will upset WB
  4. Yes but you would not know them to be able to comment
  5. Thought that would wake you up !!!
  6. Poss both better then Mr G Edit By the way SDS very impressed you are up at this time of day.........................
  7. Adam Bartlet (29) (Keeper) surprised G/head released him thought he was 1 of the best in conf.
  8. Very quiet on here, should liven up next week
  9. Kingsley James http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/777276684?-18679:6337:0 Hopefully he is waiting for NA to return from holiday.
  10. After last season I concede..........we absolutely 100% agree.........commit suicide time greg45 (only joking)
  11. Care to read my original post on worth a look ¨never thought I would say this but learning from last season I would go for a squad of 16 and rely on loanees¨ I would not actually include loanees in the 16
  12. Neither would I also change the Keeper position and I would only go for 16 players and rely on loanees for backup no big squads after last season
  13. He´s that over weight Ash his positioning looks that good as he is covering half the pitch
  14. Haven´t a clue as long as it is not Mr McNulty
  15. Suggested Jan one of my original one to watch along with Bogle who if you believe the hype could also be on his way there.......Maguire gone there I think because of Wilson.
  16. Someone said NA on holiday until 15th so doubt anything before then.
  17. How do you know?..........Its a question by the way not abuse
  18. Somebody has to chadders. Its just everyone on here say such n such is following whoever on twitter/FB and I thought how thw hell do they know so last night I was faffing about and JO came up so I just asked.....not expecting a reply.
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