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  1. Louis Gray (19) keeper may be a bit young but youth product at Wrexham offered another contract but does not want to be understudy so looking for club 6 foot 1 tall (tad small) maybe one for Glennon to train, other clubs interested on loan last season to Cef n Druids they want him..................just pointing out not saying we should or should not sign him.
  2. Correct I thought WB was being sarcky asking my new line number for hidden internet line.
  3. Oh God dont say he´s colour blink means he´ll pass to the wrong team
  4. Just said impressed with FCHT new LN had offers from other clubs but chose us here to score goals & still has ambition also we can make the play offs. Think that was about it. Plus signings good mix of youth & exp.
  5. Sorry greygoose but has Boden been summer training to gain pace as that is what is lacking from his game, there is no doubt he is a skillful player but just did not fit in.
  6. I try but some are hard of hearing
  7. Ding dong.................back of the net..
  8. Agree by saying he is signed as a sub they are saying he is not good enough for the team.
  9. Sorry but do not think the lad is good enough
  10. My reservations as well but I prefer 32 year old forward or CB to a 34 year old MF.
  11. Think it will end for JJ & Boden NA will persist with Hats. New environment he may well flourish. He has enough preseason games to work it out.
  12. Now signed 2 more forwards would think thats defo. JJ gone.
  13. What would it be like to have a CB playing the ball out on the floor
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