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  1. I realised the joke, what I said is perfectly true, Being a bike fanatic myself I automatically thought that´s what it was. I think I am the only person on here that uses my name.
  2. You taking the P out of mr AJS (presume thats the motor bike)
  3. Thought that was pretty good
  4. He´s had a go about it before...
  5. Can´t have sure he has Sat Nav.
  6. G-H not pestering anyone conversed with him 3 times twice about football once subject completely different instigated by him. I hope NA will be taking his trestle table to training tomorrow for all the players signing.
  7. Sort of, after comments on here about people following people on FB & twitter I just explored found him on FB and asked him if he was joining us, to my amazement he answered, Said it would be sorted in about 2 weeks but that was 3 weeks ago.
  8. All depends if he can get over himself
  9. I know Osborne not a guess
  10. And a better manager at Southampton than given credit for.
  11. Don´t give a rats ass about Mr. V (unlike you obviously bringing him into the conversation) but yes I care passionately about FCHT anyway who poked your ribs so as to be out of bed so early.
  12. It´s called keeping your fan base interest alive something FCHT has not been very good at in the past
  13. Is that not the lad from FGR who got sacked for fighting with just about everybody?
  14. Not at games and not a Boden fan but on the radio v Bradford city they said he was the best player on the pitch.. Thought Maynard top scorer
  15. Usually if they are training they make an announcement after
  16. Depends if they are training tonight
  17. Carl Stewart think he scored something like 35 goals season before last don´t know how he has done this last season, lives Ossett way. Is there training tonight?, if so usually announcement after that.
  18. Tadcaster it is.....we looked at their CF last year I believe
  19. Think he is at BPA there is a Lewis Morgan at Farsley but could be wrong
  20. BPA Hope he makes it he is better than people make out.
  21. Announcements today ???????????????
  22. Grimsby were far better than us last season & the season before but we have held our own with them, we will be there or there abouts. Tranmere unkown quantity.
  23. And I would say you are being very flattering TNV..........a bit like John Barnes lived off a great goal for quite a while.
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