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  1. NA said in 2nd part of interview that by Monday we should have 1 keeper 16 outfield players. Presume the keeper is G27
  2. Read SDS post Marwood signed for St Mirren
  3. Spanish keyboard no pound signs, Sorry My son looked at accounts. Would you go play for St Mirren regardless of money I would not. Dont understand this point, sorry
  4. G27 cut my hair for free...........................ho hang on I haven´t got any
  5. Can´t put up a debate hurl abuse, Yes they did average 4286 average wage bill 1500 per week, yes we would sell to a conf side as Wrexham would.......without him will struggle to be in playoffs What has Crist got to do with it. Lol
  6. Dont actually think the money would be that much better at Motherwell (not a wealthy club average 1500 ish last season and he would not be the top earner) fine if it was Celtic or even still Rangers. Only Tranmere know if they are interested if they are Wrexham will sell to them, wouldn´t we sell Boden to another Conference side?
  7. He would have better crowds at Tranmere and it would be a better shop window................plus Bl&&dy cold in Motherwell...........Quality of teams outside top 4 poor. Even Celtic players now no more than Championship level since the downfall of Rangers. Who has he signed for SMJ.? rumour was Grimsby but every time they have signed someone they have announced it.
  8. It could be true...........to be honest thought it was a joke all week............strange move if materialises http://www.leaderlive.co.uk/news/149657/wrexham-afc-striker-louis-moult-in-talks-with-motherwell.aspx? Should this happen would not be surprised to see Wrexham come in for Boden.
  9. They have been saying that for a week but it´s more like Tranmere
  10. As long as he takes the scenic route.
  11. Marcus Marshall Lincoln to Grimsby Lee Cook Barnet to Eastleigh
  12. Patience is my middle name
  13. Sorry you are correct Josh wide player but does not say L or R. Do not know which deals have fallen through we have signed 2 that have not been announced and Jamey Osborne deal was still being sorted out at 9am Friday so whether this one has fallen through or not I do not know.
  14. Lots of rumours flying about that Louis Moult is unhappy at Wrexham and being linked with just about every club from Tranmere to Motherwell...Not us though
  15. 2nd intv. he said Whitehouse not a MF player but a wide player & Walker L footed to replace Marshall. I think he just wants Hibbs to experience being around team he also said he needed to work on upperbody strength ie hit the Gym.
  16. In an interview a couple of weeks ago he said Hillhouse would go out on loan and Hibbs he wanted around the 1st team poss loan with local club so could train with us. He thinks Hibbs is future League player.
  17. Yes good interview why in 2 parts really do not know.
  18. No only someone posted on here..........also NA said in interview he wanted to sign 2 more by Monday so as to make 16 outfield(so we must have signed some not announced) and more existing players would leave.
  19. 2nd part of interview NA says by Monday he is hoping he will have 16 outfield players and 1 keeper (presume G27) must do............
  20. Should have gone to Specsavers comes to mind.
  21. James was at training yesterday.......got the impression he thought Lois was a bit disloyal someone posted earlier he was at training.
  22. No names mentioned NA said he hopes to sign experienced CB, who is very vocal, a central player and another forward. he thought deals were done on a couple of players but fell through at last minute, he didn´t sound too happy about Lois leaving.
  23. Danny Maguire not at training yesterday,NA says he will be here next week, we had hoped to sign another north east play, didn´t happened. Hope this is not a problem.
  24. Thought NA said Hillhouse out on loan & Hibbs to be around first team should we keep all those players to me the squad would be too big....personally think we will keep Hatts & Williams.
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