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  1. Carl Stewart think he scored something like 35 goals season before last don´t know how he has done this last season, lives Ossett way. Is there training tonight?, if so usually announcement after that.
  2. Tadcaster it is.....we looked at their CF last year I believe
  3. Think he is at BPA there is a Lewis Morgan at Farsley but could be wrong
  4. BPA Hope he makes it he is better than people make out.
  5. Announcements today ???????????????
  6. Grimsby were far better than us last season & the season before but we have held our own with them, we will be there or there abouts. Tranmere unkown quantity.
  7. And I would say you are being very flattering TNV..........a bit like John Barnes lived off a great goal for quite a while.
  8. I think the diff is how long each player has been with the club etc going to tribunal with Jamey he is likely to cost more money so we would not fancy risking that. One point of interest according to their forum Jamey is not on their most rescent retained list.
  9. No if he´s tribunal will sort compo out later
  10. Would not be surprised if he was made captain.
  11. Miller already sign for someone yesterday
  12. Don´t agree in this case TNV as all the ones we have that are thing of leaving can go so let get some new lads in and settled.
  13. James Gray to Wrexham good replacement for Moult
  14. Jennings not really made his potential as yet.
  15. Good luck to the lad still think it´s a strange decision and I think it will affect Wrexham, obv Mills did not fancy him did they get a fee?
  16. Still worth a look and will be known to coaching staff as he is a product of Everton Academy Sam Finley (22) MF loaned to Wrexham Jan/ Feb turned in good performances but change of management etc returned to TNS.
  17. Boston area I believe. We showed interest in him a few seasons ago.
  18. Ricky Miller Luton to Dover (we missed out there)
  19. Well AJS it will be a surprise on account of wont dont know who the hell is coming
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