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  1. Been pretty obvious since end of last season
  2. Kingsley James confirmed on WS
  3. The little Chinese player outside left,
  4. Fleas been asking for an apology for 2 years......................
  5. Well we will find out today who we have or have not got. The whole squad will be there and I would have thought would get a bit of playing time.
  6. Does not matter, prob about Xmas, but he can sign a play............it´s just the fee to finalise.
  7. If fee not agree by then I would think we would just ok tribunal....and he signs
  8. Burr still moaning James transfer not settled as he needs the money for new players...........perhaps we are waiting for 31/08 so he has no time to spend it.
  9. Don´t knock the afflicted he has more hair than me
  10. Listened to interview and seen pictures, where from AJS?
  11. We are due.....................amazing how quiet the WS is............. ..either that or we have just got used to the best closed season yet.
  12. Cant totally agree there townmad a lot on here put the argument against TNV stats that the Bish was playing a a team of under performing players, Bishop is personally not my type of player I would sign but I hope he does well as I hope the Hatt out performs 70% of the towns fans expectations. I believe we look to had a pretty well balance side ( taking James & another MF player signs) I would release all the pending players Williams,JJ,Bodes(simply because I think the rift last season could be unrepairable) & we need a keeper to challenge G27 not to just sit on the bench, TNV´s val
  13. But surely you have the exact same argument for the Hatt under performing as the Bishop, that they were both playing in under performing teams.
  14. Josh Wilson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. About the same...........wage wise
  16. At least he´s a better shot than Smithy
  17. wishful thinking u19s just to fool us
  18. Where is all the training attenders then to inform us as to who has & who has not attended?
  19. You wont be in meltdown then as we will be in top 3.......
  20. He is the 1 player I am amazed we still have.
  21. Thats why I am up at 5.15 every morning..
  22. your fear of anything non alcoholic ie air & water is the stumbling block.....
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