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  1. Don´t know but No 15 is K. Roberts number.
  2. We´ve got one coming though !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. SQUAD Glennon Bolton, Brown,Hutchisson,Roberts,Macca Bencherif,James,Walker,Hibbs,Whitehouse McDonald,Maguire,Hattersley,Bishop,Peniket,Burrow Have I missed anyone, not included JJ
  4. Bodes gone and one more to go must be JJ.
  5. Bit like you Bernie but I dont have any grass just palm trees , Cacti etc
  6. How is the pitch today after their game?(att. 1873 on WS 1955 on twitter)
  7. Well Maguire transfer looks dead in the water but at least we are getting on with things, Tuton, I would say, looks a good replacement from reading up on him. The GK situation is prob resolved with the connection between Lee Kelsey & Atkinson, he´s not going to invite him in if he thinks he is duff. My personal feeling are that we have assembled a good squad with a couple of little additions so bring on the new season. The Scouts have looked in the right places and I think everything looks good. That was Roberts. And I wasn´t even there.
  8. WB can put the whole team up....
  9. Lee Gregory millwall official penalty taker Argh!!! not the best here
  10. His misses too many to mention (lack of confidence) then give him a penalty no problem.
  11. Without a doubt his best game B. City best man on the park, will concede that
  12. Would not have thought he would make it in the league tbh.
  13. He is on contract for another 12 months so we would surely require a fee unless NA wants rid of him that bad
  14. hope the rumour re Boden/Morecombe are true means we may get a fee.
  15. Yes you would have thought so.
  16. True but strangely not been seen with us since...........we had hoped to sign another player from the same area but if fell through infact think he signed for G/head, it was hoped they would travel together.
  17. Do not know whether he can or cannot drive but he expressed his concern re the travelling after signing then a G/head fan put on onefootball forum that he was seen at their club. That is about 1 week after he signed.
  18. Just cannot see NA keeping JJ
  19. Could be to soften the James blow.
  20. Strong rumours Grimsby for Boden long enough but they have taken on board a good few forwards Wrexham would not surprise me. Who ever it is I´ll guarantee he has a cracker against us.
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