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  1. He is the 1 player I am amazed we still have.
  2. Thats why I am up at 5.15 every morning..
  3. your fear of anything non alcoholic ie air & water is the stumbling block.....
  4. Your getting more like Chadders everyday
  5. Is that a Meatloaf song.??????????????
  6. Just listened to the Andy Bishop interview mentions new players 1 ominous missing name Danny Maguire
  7. Bit more on Kingsley http://www.chesterchronicle.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/chester-fc-manager-steve-burr-9608543?
  8. No idea Davidneilbuckley.....last time we had any contact he was hopeful of signing but things have dragged on, don´t think he knows.....two things I do know for fact is 1) he is not on Hednesford retained list, 2) he has not signed for anyone else.
  9. Time resolves everything........including JO transfer dealings.
  10. One of your better ones WB WB driving me to it
  11. Too far to walk to get to any cliffs here-----anyway you would miss me when I am gone---------
  12. He said we would have had 16 outfield & 1 keeper with 1 more creative player & keeper so do the sums.
  13. Being gobby again WB Nowt same as we got for Matty.
  14. Can´t be that much he was only there for 1 year
  15. Your getting too agreeable these days LCS.........
  16. 2nd bid for Kingsley James turned down http://www.chesterchronicle.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/chester-fc-reject-second-bid-9599672?
  17. Very true it´s just in the interview I thought he was very careful choosing his words.
  18. AJS Think he actually said creative player (not nec.MD)
  19. Why not ?................you are most of the time.
  20. So could be any number then !!!!!!!!!!
  21. Correct I got my ¨B¨s & ¨V¨s mixed up, it´s this Spanish
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