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  1. Brilliant save from big Sam again, we are playing far too deep and hoof ball from defence straight to Boreham Wood.
  2. Town Web just changed to Getting closer- secure you match streaming.
  3. Boreham Wood web page posted team announcement at 2pm so all looks ok at the moment.
  4. Yes so did I, I aske a couple of hours ago if a pitch inspection was scheduled but no reply normally answer posted pretty quickly.
  5. Don´t know nw I am basking in glorious sunshine.🤪
  6. Still no mention of pitch inspection with us so should be game on.
  7. I put my team into word paste & copied and somehow it ended up with Billy in & no Nathan on the bench. Dah.....😯😯
  8. I would have put Earing on the bench until I saw conditions
  9. I would give Earing a few more days rest as unlike a few fans I believe we will win comfortably today but fear PW will put Nathan in and we will lose speed and movement from defence, missing Earing is a heavy burden but still feel we can pull this off. 1 Sam Johnson 5 Byrne 31 Maher 6 Bradbury 2 King 3 Senior 8 Green 19 Summerfield 26 Woods 9 Hyde 28 Stephenson Subs 12 Harr
  10. I see Boreham Wood still have us down as Chris Wilde being our manager. https://www.borehamwoodfootballclub.co.uk/uncategorized/match-preview-fc-halifax-town-a-2/
  11. Well you will find out next season Tom as they are both contracted. Must admit in the little we saw Stenson he looked classy.
  12. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/police-issue-appeal-after-ex-20542486
  13. Your doing a PW building up the oppo. We will win.
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