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  1. 10 hours ago, greygoose said:

    He's already succeeding Steve, if he leaves tomorrow he's done a very good job.

    He´s achieved nothing yet greygoose. Not won anything not sold any future stars on not had a cup run. if he left today fans would not remember who he was in 20 years.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Guido said:

    Worked a Centre Lathe in the 80’s at Denford Machine Tools 🤣

    What!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad was foreman at Denfords in late 50s early 60s and we both played cricket for them when we won the Collinson cup, I opened batting with my dad the other end. 

  3. 28 minutes ago, Roy Race said:

    I understand why people consider Clarke's inclusion comprises our attacking ability & to a point agree, a mix & match depending on the opposition maybe would have been the way to go, just feel the point has been made far too many times now. It would be interesting to hear PW's take on the matter.

    TBH when PW started his interviews I thought were quite good and honest but lately up to this week I thought he had been talking rubbish and watched a completely different game to everyone else (well apart from a few on here) I actually hope he succeeds but I am wavering of late.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Roy Race said:

    The good news is you will in all likelyhood not have to suffer him ruining our stylish ticka tacka football next season as he will have probably retired......................am sure there will be another fall guy ...................oh there is, Allen.

    You miss the point Roy PW is the fall guy, he changed the tactics to accommodate Nathan but yes I do hope he retires and goes into coaching although I feel we could not afford him, I do believe he will make a good coach and could well come back as a future manager.

  5. Looks like Jack Earing could miss the rest of the season by that statement which could be a blessing in disguise re next season as I don´t think another club would want to commit to offering him a contract at this point should it be so. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Shaymen0 said:

    Weird you seem to be picking on one player to blame for bad results in a team game. And it’s definitely not immaterial 

    You just don´t get it do you, to play Clarke PW changes the whole tactics to accommodate him, look at the facts I am not the only one to point out the stats think it was ITMAN worked out the points per game with him in and with him out over the season.

  7. 37 minutes ago, Shaymen0 said:

    Seen as your the stat man of the day how did it affect the stats when earing was either in or out of these games your mentioning?

    Immaterial Earing was also out earlier in the season as was Hyde.

  8. 1 hour ago, Ash said:

    Sack him then!

    Jeez! Some people need to be realistic sometimes! Nobody and I mean nobody is on here congratulating him when he gets his tactics spot on, nobody spots the in game changes he makes that have won us games but yes, as soon as there is a poor result we’ve lost faith in him.

    He will be managing in the football league next and that’s a guarantee.

    Don´t be a ****, I´ve only ever called for a manager to be sack once since 1949 and that was Heath PW is making his own bed by his insistence to play Clarke who is a block & boot CB which simply does not fit the rest of the team.

  9. 1 minute ago, TommyH72 said:

    I'm going with a cautious yes, but its a shame that it's not really in our own hands any more. Our nearest rivals all look to be hitting form all of a sudden just as we seem to have dropped off a little. Particularly Chesterfield, couple of good results.It also looks like Maidenhead will have their home supporters in the ground, how much of an advantage might that be?? But I'm still sticking with our recent form and the fact that it suggests we can win 2 of the 3 remaining games. Will a win and a draw be enough??????????? Fingers crossed!!

    Purely depends on PWs tactics TBH I have lost all faith in him.





  10. 6 hours ago, born to moan said:

    Wild will have been at Stockport tonight surely. So he will know everything about Dag and Red. So a plan will be hatched and we will beat them 0-2 on Saturday. Won't we Pete.👌🤘

    Better off if  he stays at home then we now nothing to worry about.😖

  11. 6 hours ago, oldskir said:

    Tommy ha said "Whoever made the decision to put Earing on the bench yesterday should be in the chairmans office on Monday morning explaining exactly how the decision was reached."

    That's a brilliant point Tommy, and I'm surprised no one else has touched on it. Jack broke down after 30 seconds yesterday. Something wrong there. Are we looking at poor advice from the physio? Wild and Milly too eager to rush him back?? If he still wasn't near 100% recovered, don't risk him. 

    If he was genuinely looking fully recovered in training, what went wrong when he came on yesterday?

    Not properly warmed up before coming on? Pitch too heavy? Just incredibly bad luck again...like Stenson?

    Check my team out yesterday I did not have him in the squad

  12. 7 minutes ago, Ash said:

    Yeah let’s all forget about this season already!

    the only bottle jobs are the people on this forum who constantly write teams off that they are supposed to support!

    Not the fans that have changed tactics to accommodate Nathan a very defensive old fashioned CB which at the time and still is against the best way for the team to play.

  13. 24 minutes ago, shaymen_x said:

    Just to clarify my own quotation. I am a Pete Wild fan and feel that the team has moved forwards under him, and he has been a good custodian, maintaining stability in uncertain times. However, I have learned not to listen to, or read his post match interviews, because he sees a different game to the one I saw.

    That´s because Guido is his script writer and he lives in Briggus.

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