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  1. 32 minutes ago, Yellow Card said:

    Would not be surprised to see only one player in to replace Clarke and Byrne. Young Jay Benn is more than capable now of stepping up

    He looks quite competent but he did last season he is also very quick.

  2. 7 minutes ago, Macam blue said:

    Stand out for me was David Abubakar no 18. Don't know how old he is ? but can play off both feet & put a lovely ball across goal from the right with his left foot when cutting back.

    Our main players from last year looked very comfortable, now need to add further quality to pep up the forward play.

    Really surprised that the Manager is still continuing with 1 striker, with the best will you cannot see what potential the striker has if there is no one within a country mile of linking up any forward play.

    It will be a long hard season if Pete does not see that it will not work :doh:


  3. 30 minutes ago, AJS said:

    Trialists from last night for anyone wondering and not wanting to scroll the whole match thread.

    First Half:

    Right Back - James Horsfield 
    Left Back - Will Calligan
    Left Wing - Chris Taylor
    CAM - Jordan Cooke ex Colne
    ST - Gerry McDonagh

    Second Half:

    GK - Ben Carlton
    RCB - ?
    RB - David Abubakar (from the youth team)
    CAM - Will ?
    ST - Raul Correia
    Late Sub - ?

    You mean Jamie Cooke?

  4. 28 minutes ago, Roy Race said:

    Don't think it is just about safety, personally I just want to go & watch a match without the finance's or politics of it, suspect the majority do.

    I fear that will never happen.

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