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  1. Hi Bubba I have put a complaint in about awaydays for placing my name on the forum without my permission,(which I have received no response) I know I am being purdantic but I was awarded a 3 point penalty for putting someone on by mistake a couple of years ago and awaydays is naming several members.



  2. http://fchalifaxtown.com/news/

    comms for selby game, thought you may be interested.

  3. Would be most well come, look forward to it. When do you arrive?

  4. Who the hell is this Chrisbo61??

    1. Shaytrev


      There are few I know on the board, he seems in a bad mood lately, I never let it effect me, if I did I would stop going down The Shay 'cos most of them are clever ****.

  5. We should be signing midfielder today Bohan Dixon (Fylde) if Salford dont step in their managers want him but scouts dont, think scouts will win.

    1. TheNorwegianViking


      Interesting. I don't know much about him apart from googling him up just now.

      I hope you are ok. I wondered if your mail box was full since I didn't get any response when I tried to get in touch.



    2. Steve Lanzarote

      Steve Lanzarote

      Not eceived anything I will check my box.

  6. Phew that was dodgy Mark, Alty did well, Do we have Johnson for Wembley? or does he return to PV before?

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