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  1. neither has Abubakar but he looked good last night as did Cooke.
  2. I personally don´t think we will spend any of the money received on transfer fees there are a lot of free agents out there.
  3. He looks quite competent but he did last season he is also very quick.
  4. 99.9999999999% and the other one is only a practicing Yorkshireman.
  5. Well I know 6 that went.🤔and they have bought season tickets.
  6. Trialist that impressed last night Full back Will Callahan RB David Abubakar Jamie cooke number 10
  7. That´s our own lad I think, youth player David Abubaka him & number 10 first half Jamie Cooke. Waters needs to lose a bit of weight.
  8. looks like him had a good half.
  9. Gilmour looked half descent but Spence looked better Green was great and I thought Summerfield was played too deep, the lad in the first half number 10 looked good.
  10. Spence looked good Harvey Gilmour got better a second half went on thought Billy Waters looked a bit heavy. We deffo need some fire power up front.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1CtX4VVllE&list=PLUWX7dFINK5_K0f6cbh-ZSRtaR8u7NiFQ&index=1
  12. 34 we have enough older players.
  13. I fear that will never happen.
  14. TBH when we played against him he was more of a pain in the rear end than he ever was for the oppo when playing for us.
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