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  1. Well I know 6 that went.🤔and they have bought season tickets.
  2. Trialist that impressed last night Full back Will Callahan RB David Abubakar Jamie cooke number 10
  3. That´s our own lad I think, youth player David Abubaka him & number 10 first half Jamie Cooke. Waters needs to lose a bit of weight.
  4. looks like him had a good half.
  5. Gilmour looked half descent but Spence looked better Green was great and I thought Summerfield was played too deep, the lad in the first half number 10 looked good.
  6. Spence looked good Harvey Gilmour got better a second half went on thought Billy Waters looked a bit heavy. We deffo need some fire power up front.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1CtX4VVllE&list=PLUWX7dFINK5_K0f6cbh-ZSRtaR8u7NiFQ&index=1
  8. Hi Steve, really chuffed how it went and thank god i had the stone otherwise i would be sat with it not knowing anything was wrong, wonder where the the two signings that wild said he was going to sign 10 days ago are, does not look good but its hard to put your finger to what is going on.Les

  9. 34 we have enough older players.
  10. I fear that will never happen.
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