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  1. TBH when PW started his interviews I thought were quite good and honest but lately up to this week I thought he had been talking rubbish and watched a completely different game to everyone else (well apart from a few on here) I actually hope he succeeds but I am wavering of late.
  2. You miss the point Roy PW is the fall guy, he changed the tactics to accommodate Nathan but yes I do hope he retires and goes into coaching although I feel we could not afford him, I do believe he will make a good coach and could well come back as a future manager.
  3. Looks like Jack Earing could miss the rest of the season by that statement which could be a blessing in disguise re next season as I don´t think another club would want to commit to offering him a contract at this point should it be so.
  4. You just don´t get it do you, to play Clarke PW changes the whole tactics to accommodate him, look at the facts I am not the only one to point out the stats think it was ITMAN worked out the points per game with him in and with him out over the season.
  5. Immaterial Earing was also out earlier in the season as was Hyde.
  6. Clarke played last 12 games Goals for 15 Against 16 won 5 Lost 6 drawn 1 Previous 12 games he did not play goals for 17 Against 14. won 7 Lost 3 Drawn 2
  7. Don´t be a ****, I´ve only ever called for a manager to be sack once since 1949 and that was Heath PW is making his own bed by his insistence to play Clarke who is a block & boot CB which simply does not fit the rest of the team.
  8. Purely depends on PWs tactics TBH I have lost all faith in him. p
  9. Better off if he stays at home then we now nothing to worry about.😖
  10. I´ve known 3 pros had brilliant careers who just could not cope when it was finished.
  11. Have to disagree in the best possible way nw3casc1....It did to Deano.
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