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  1. Surprisingly (not) PW signing a new contract and being paid more appears to have made no difference whatsoever to whether we are able to keep players. The silence on player signings and season tickets speaks volumes. Still, hope springs eternal.
  2. The excuse given in the past is that we have to pay teams from higher up the pyramid to come and play us. The police aren't keen on bothering with friendly derby games either.
  3. Equivalent to Sam in many of our games. Strange how many parallels there are between an England performance and our own!
  4. Not to mention that if we have the ~6th best support in the league, and years of windfalls from transfers and TV money, why don't we have the ~6th biggest playing budget? Because we have the 6th tightest / poorest Chairman?
  5. What baffles me is that people think the books are being balanced. If they are it's only through Mr B paying over the odds for advertising etc. The Vardy etc. money has run out. I think we would be shocked by the amount of money he is putting in either directly or indirectly. The trouble is it is only enough to keep us going at this level. There is no guarantee that more money will lead to promotion and would need to be sustained over a number of seasons until we hit the jackpot. It doesn't look like he wants to risk doing that or simply doesn't have the cash available
  6. Even the cardboard cutouts are leaving the club (Not those that play like one). What hope is there?
  7. I would be surprised if any players out of contract who have been offered new terms would have already accepted them. They will all be looking for the best offer and negotiating accordingly. Given that 'we have one of the lowest budgets in the league' I expect a few players to head elsewhere for more money. How can our budget be higher than last season? Unless DB is digging deep surely if anything it will be lower. Higher management and backroom staff costs as well. To me the figures just don't add up for many to have been offered improved terms other than Earing.
  8. Councilors Stephen Baines and Tim Swift are both Trustees and CMBC generously give financial support. You would think there would be some consistency but CMBC need the Piece Hall to succeed so they more or less can do as they please.
  9. Given his hamstring issues I wouldn't be rushing to sign Earing. He fits perfectly into our treatment room so could well stay.
  10. The Piece Hall can do no wrong. It's the apple of CMBC's eye. Never mind other areas of Calderdale are going to rack and ruin.
  11. My understanding is that unless you chose a different option we would receive a £100 refund if the Shay remained closed to supporters. I don't think it will go well down well if there isn't a compromise on this as it would have been cheaper to simply pay for the streaming of each home game. I would at least like a choice between taking a refund or donating it to the club. I also think we would be able to have a season ticket for next season at £299 although I could be wrong on that. I haven't heard yet if the £400K loan application was successful although I could have missed that.
  12. Have we missed Brown? No. Will we miss Clarke? No As a team we need to be playing with the defensive line further up the pitch. Nothing against Clarke as such as he always gives 100% We just need to progress and move on.
  13. I am afraid that Wild's idea of setting up to win a game is to make sure we don't concede in the first 60 minutes and take it from there. Unfortunately he hasn't realised yet this doesn't work because the opposition has different ideas that don't fit in with his game plan. **** Sherlock that hasn't worked what do I do now? Oops I have no plan B we have to carry on doing the same thing. Never mind, we gave it our all and we deserved to win but at crucial times it went against us. Same old, same old. Start with Clarke and the detrimental effect that has on the rest
  14. Difficult to see many people turning up 11/2 hours before kick off. I certainly won't be but each to his own. The options are there for people to do as they please. The atmosphere won't be that great given that the total attendance will probably less than 1,500.
  15. Reply from Kelly to my question of when will the turnstile be open to: It is open until kick-off but we are asking everyone gets there as soon as possible to avoid congestion near kick-off etc Cheers Kel Kelly Gilchrist FC Halifax Town Web Editor So really you can turn up anytime after the turnstile opens, although you shouldn't leave it until the last minute! (My comment)
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