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  1. So let me get this right. “Mobile” centre halves improves your forward game?
  2. Would you prefer the Chesterfield chairman?
  3. Not a great organiser! he’s played around 600 hundred league games more than the other three put together. And he’s not a great organiser. Laughable!!
  4. Iv believed for nearly 30 years now. Hasn't got us very far.
  5. And yet it wouldn't surprise me if they were back in league two next season and then back with us the season after.
  6. “To be where we are, with the smallest budget in the league, and with players who have taken a 20 per cent wage cut, it’s a difficult situation and perhaps, sometimes, people don’t understand that. Quote from there manager 23 feb 2021
  7. Nah get Bromley out of here. Love the seaside trip to Torquay
  8. But he’s a attacker and that’s all that matters
  9. And the haven’t had a complete overhaul of there squad every year for I don’t know how long. Hoping that changes for us this year
  10. Agreed. But because of the success of the Jamie Vardy type players higher clubs are looking for these players now where before they moved up the ranks slowly. And teams like ours don’t have time to develop these players thanks to fans who demand instant success. They are given one season and If they don’t show anything within a season they are shown the door which I suspect like Dom tear will this season even though there is obvious talent there. A lack of lower league teams not playing probably haven’t helped the fact we could have loaned players out.
  11. You know earing is injured don’t you?
  12. Don’t worry you’ll get over it
  13. A utter failure would be relegation. A failure would not knowing how to spell your own managers name
  14. Yeah strange that when your key players are on the pitch we score goals
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