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  1. Have you spoken with Bosomworth yet ?
  2. Shergar4


    Fwiw I’m a big advocate of how DB has gone about his tenure and you will hear little criticism from me. My only gripe is this season with the £80 and it’s stinging quite a bit to be honest. I think if the club had given people the option to pay £199 or £279 (with the begging letter/statement) then I believe a high proportion would have donated the extra £80 and they would have kept a lot of the good feeling. But the way it’s been done is difficult to take for me personally.
  3. Shergar4


    Evidently it can be run without ploughing money in to it, but also that’s not what a lot of people on here want.
  4. Shergar4


    DB has said a few things lately that have been conveniently forgotten 🤪 apologies the £80 is still hitting a nerve for me!!!! He did say that yes and I do believe that was and is his intention. However, things change and covid appearing Will be the hardest thing to hit our club in a lot time and will be within my lifetime I’m sure. It will take a great effort from all involved to overcome the effects of this.
  5. Typical town fan accepting failure and mediocrity. Think the team needs investment after that result.
  6. My heads saying don’t buy one in the hope DB acknowledges what he’s done. My heart is saying buy one just because it’s my club and I love it. I suspect this is exactly what DB wants and expects to happen. There has never been this dilemma before in supporting town. Which is how strongly I feel about the £80 matter. id be much more forgiving if a formal announcement were made around the issue as it feels like he’s playing dumb at the moment.
  7. Nothing groundbreaking. Football clubs and businesses been struggling but from meetings he’s had they seem to be finding their feet again now (those that have survived). Meetings planned going forward and match sponsorship already arranged for certain games which is to be expected really. It was more an introduction to him rather than the specifics of what the club can offer.
  8. You’re missing the point, everyone knows the club needs the cash that is unquestionable. They way they have glossed over the agreement when last seasons ticket was purchased with….we know what we said….but we don’t care we are charging this anyway. Communication could have been had with the fans prior to gauge reaction to what they’ve done or something a bit more collaborative with the fans other than this is what we are doing like it or lump it. Now, if you agree to buy something from me for £199 and then I turn up at your house and say it’s now £279 would you still buy it or feel as though I am trying to rip you off?
  9. Definitely not mate. Don’t take things so personal.
  10. Quick look on Wikipedia, copy and paste….’didn’t he play for tranmere a couple years ago’….
  11. You are probably correct but I would suspect that’s down to Budgets (am I allowed to say the B word) 🤪
  12. I meant compete for a player signing not on the pitch. If Stockport and Town really want a player…..he isn’t signing for town imo.
  13. I think the players who have attracted over the last 2 seasons show we have budget where we can compete with the majority. Obviously we will struggle against the likes of Stockport etc. I suspect the talk of budget is more to do with lowering the expectations of the fans.
  14. I struggle to see what their motive is. When their time is up, they will have to write off whatever the club ‘owes’ them but the way they are going about things they will have players on big contracts and it will continue to lose money. If they call all their money back the club goes under as it just isnt a viable business proposition unless someone takes over and keep ploughing money into it. peter Lim was a 50% shareholder, think that’s still the case. I just don’t think you can build a football club with little interest to what they were expecting maybe
  15. While we lost c. £57000 in the year 2019/20….Salford over the same period lost £65,000 PER WEEK. Losses at the club are currently over £9 million with £5.8m owed to the holding company Project 92 Ltd which the class of 92 players are owners of. mind boggling stuff really.
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