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  1. If Sutton go up they will have to rip their pitch up and pay to have a grass one installed. They will also lose revenue from renting out their pitch for various activities.
  2. I think he got the tactics and team selection spot on. Using Chadwick to run and harass the Yeovil defence was a tactic that Hyde could not have done, the penalty was a bonus. He got the subs right as well.
  3. It will be a tough game on monday, not a lot of recovery time. They are travelling down today ready for Monday. The fixture planners never do us any favours, sending us on one of our longest trips on our shortest gap between games.
  4. He wasn't the only one though was he, wasn't a few players involved.
  5. I can't remember the details now but I think it was similar to Boston, paying under the counter payments to players.
  6. I went there for the last match of the season when they had been promoted, they had been docked points for some financial irregularity but only enough to stop them being champions. It seems they like to try bending the rules.
  7. I can't see a link on the official site for the game.
  8. It is probably not legally wrong but it appears to be morally wrong.
  9. On loan from Curzon Ashton until end of season.
  10. My late brother's birthday also William Shakespeare born and died on this date.
  11. If Sam had not saved it the "goal" would have stood as Chesterfield were awarded a corner. Looked well offside to me so would have been a real kick in the teeth.
  12. Overgate always a good shout. Not many people round here who have not had relatives or friends looked after there.
  13. Watching the game again today I noticed that according to the commentator, not only did both teams have a player called Kink but we also had an Earink . It was nice to see Cameron King showing good form ( for his customary hour) but I know who I prefer between him and Jack. I'm afraid he would not get in the team if Earing was playing, not room for both in the same team.
  14. Green should be put on Cheek.
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