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  1. townmad


    Didn't I read on here he had only got £200.000.
  2. West Brom did a job on us. Kicked lumps off us to start with before starting to play football.
  3. He is on a 2 year contract but I believe he has been transfer listed. He didn't play one game in the league last season.
  4. According to the Rochdale website Robbie Stockwell is their new manager, with Sammy Lee on the coaching staff. Mk
  5. I think reputation counts for a lot in football and looking after and treating players right counts for a lot, that is why players like JV & LG were happy to sign contracts that would give us some money. The unfortunate problem we have is too many agents stop players doing that as it spoils their cut.
  6. I've just drove past the Shay, hundreds of people queuing up. I asked what it was about and they said they were all wanting to take over running the club from DB & BH. 🙄
  7. Wasn't he the guy Jeff King flattened for Torquay's second penalty.
  8. What must Stockport be paying in wages if Bradford City lose out to them for players.
  9. We have this argument every season about prices, if the cost was £5.00 a game admission someone would say "what every game" , either get a season ticket or don't.
  10. You are right of course, but when it is a shared pitch and both are tenants, it's about time that the landlord should have some say in what happens when playing a game in adverse conditions could affect the other tenants use of the pitch.
  11. Some common sense should have been shown, but you can't expect common sense from HRFC.
  12. townmad

    1st july

    We could of course sign him, let him throw a party and get infected and then infect the rest of the squad.🙄
  13. townmad

    1st july

    It was rumoured that he had fallen out with quite a few of his big money players and it was a case of him or them. Their fans might love him but he has a reputation when it comes to dealing with players and staff. He doesn't appear to have been inundated with offers of work since Stockport got rid of him. I wouldn't want to see him anywhere near the Shay.
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