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  1. kit

    England Croatia

    Happy overall, but major worry about the "wing backs" who were completely devoid of attacking intent. Would be interested to know if they are told to play this way, or whether they choose to be individually ineffective.
  2. kit


    Jan Tomaszewski.
  3. kit


    Ah yes, I'd forgotten how the presenters and commentators on the BBC and ITV etc have to patronise those North and West of the borders, and act like they want the UK minority teams to do well. There are 44 countries in Europe, so well over 50% now qualify for the finals, which is why we have to put up with it. When the competition started, I seem to recall only four teams played in the final stages.
  4. Are you suggesting the "love child" theory?
  5. I read somewhere that Peter Sellars didn't like the story of the minkey hangers.
  6. kit


    Play the ball across the back again and again. Never tackle a man. Just funnel back (tackles only happen when ball is moving from one player to another). Try to score with three men up when the opposition has nine men back. Never try to beat a man with pace. Pass the ball and run for the return. Select players nobody's ever heard of. This seems to be the way that England believe they can win a major tournament. Hope Pete Wild isn't influenced by this for next season.
  7. kit


    Lazarus was good at rising from the dead. Noble means someone of a high moral standard. With a name like his, he has every chance of success. (Reuben is an American grilled sandwich, but I'm not sure how this influences anything).
  8. kit

    Weird Day

    Surely even Funky would draw the line at flattening a Pushmi-Pullyu?
  9. The ability to ignore idiots.
  10. I read about this removal, so I checked last week when walking through Town. It remains in position, exactly where George fixed it ten years ago (on Russell Street, which is up the side of the building). Stop worrying.
  11. Everyone else follows them and can have standing areas open. We follow them but can't have standing areas open. What does that tell you?
  12. Forget it. The health mob are our Big Brother, and they have no intention of listening to anyone. I tried last time, and got a wonderful response: "we'll let you know when things change". Just a shame that decisions are handled locally. You know straight away that they'll be more restrictive than anywhere else in the whole Country.
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