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  1. You are all being screwed.
  2. Must be another conspiracy theory, do not upset the natives. This was on the BBC.
  3. I search for the truth when obviously something is not right, you listen to the BBC.
  4. I don't think you understand anything at all. Spelling something out numerous times and you still play dumb. Not much hope for you.
  5. I've answered the question numerous times, I never realised you were this stupid.
  6. Because of the fear factor. Love the lock down do we? Democracy is dead, you haven't realised yet?
  7. Are you purposely acting dumb or is it natural? It matters because it seems people are scared to death because of this virus, the numbers are being wrongly inflated. If someone dies of Cancer it should be registered as such. Is that too hard for you to understand?
  8. Is that true Doctor? It seems everyone is dying from the virus at the moment then. Cancer, Flu and other ailments have been cured.
  9. Are you on drugs? I am saying I would like the true cause of death putting on death certificates.
  10. I would like deaths to be recorded truthfully, pure and simple.
  11. Oh, they will be changing the death certificates again? I hope the lock down had ended by then, if not the consequences could be catastrophic.
  12. How can you take the figures as Gospel when death certificates are saying the cause of death is Covid-19 even if it is an underlying illness? They are dying with, not because of. This has been widely admitted yet still you swallow the scaremongering.
  13. You can tell us who the Doctor was involved in the AIDS scandal and who is deeply involved in this one.
  14. Could be but if the economy does not open up then more people will die than the corona virus could ever kill.
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