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  1. Only ourselves to blame for this current predicament. All we can do now is go out to win all three of our remaining games and hope it's enough
  2. Now that seems to a bit of a revision of the truth because I seem to remember Clarke having a very good game against Alty followed by an almost forum-wide praising of him. Wasn't just "some plonker"
  3. Lewis

    James Dean

    Have to work on the assumption that this could include us, so anyone that lives in or near the town centre might want to keep an eye out for him
  4. Which is why people think we're going to miss out
  5. What's Jamie having for tea tonight Mrs Allen? I don't think it's a service issue for Allen at all though, enough times recently when he's had the ball he's made completely the wrong choice or he's made a mess of things. He's just not good enough at the moment, and the fact that Campbell looked miles better than him when he came on shows that Allen just shouldn't be in the side right now
  6. I think the only word to describe that performance is flacid. It's no longer in our hands either
  7. Managing to lose to a side that only know how to draw is the most Halifax Town thing of all time
  8. Don't you have something better to be doing instead of watching for people's responses? Like you know, actually watching the game?
  9. Tom Daley's coaching debut going well if Boreham Wood's antics are anything to go by
  10. It's been going since the 2017/18 season, in which time the playoff winners have been Tranmere (2nd), Salford (3rd) and Harrogate (2nd)
  11. Given that every team that's won the playoffs since the new format was introduced has finished either 2nd or 3rd it definitely gives an advantage
  12. Yeah I'm absolutely certain that when we agreed an extension, it was until the end of the season. Can't think of what reason the club would have to lie about that either. Just seems a very bizarre situation to me.
  13. Lewis

    James Dean

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but appears as though James Dean has gone missing. Was last seen in the Orchard Drive area of Oswaldtwistle in Lancashire around midnight last night but hasn't been seen since according to a tweet from Lancashire police
  14. On the Stephenson thing by the way, I spoke to Curzon Ashton's manager about him for a uni assignment last week and he could not speak any higher of him both as a player and as a person. According to him, he's done exceptionally well to come back from a long term injury he picked up whilst at Stockport, and he thinks there isn't a player with a better work rate in football than him. We clearly have a very good player on our books if he can get back to his best, and hopefully he'll be given the chance to show that now
  15. Quite bizarre this one. By all accounts the loan was until the end of the season - surely they've not recalled him just to give him five minutes during the last game of their season? Regardless of what you think of his impact the second time round, it's a huge blow.
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