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  1. Stand out for me was David Abubakar no 18. Don't know how old he is ? but can play off both feet & put a lovely ball across goal from the right with his left foot when cutting back. Our main players from last year looked very comfortable, now need to add further quality to pep up the forward play. Really surprised that the Manager is still continuing with 1 striker, with the best will you cannot see what potential the striker has if there is no one within a country mile of linking up any forward play. It will be a long hard season if Pete does not see that it will not work
  2. Brilliant, thanks for the link Hoddie
  3. That may also point to the fact that the opposition played to his strengths. Granted, Tobi has his weaknesses, what he doesn't lack is pace, energy, willingness to play for others. What we lack is a system that plays to his strengths. Even a proven goal scorer like Hyde got peed off with the lack of support on many occasions. Personally if it is Tobi, he need our support. If we want to be scoring goals it wont happen with 1 man & his dog up front. We need to attack at will & continue for 90+ minutes.
  4. Geoff Ralph too on occasion, last I knew (10yrs+) Bobby Ham worked for him in his security business, RIP Bobby
  5. I think it is more the fact that DB runs the club in a similar way to his own business interests & therefore the less the info the more outside sources know. E.G HMRC & Customers (fans)
  6. Don't like to criticize DB, he has held the reins secure for a considerable time. However, if the time is neigh when he is considering relinquishing his hold over the club, to preserve his standing he should approach the supporters for a long term commitment to raise funds, to be held securely for a possible return to a fans based board. It would be a shame if after 13+ years all his hard work, would be looked on in the longer term as a bad tenure. If said fans take over is not forthcoming or a better solution is found, then the funds raised could be used for the benefit of the club in the longer term & not be frittered away.
  7. And John can still be seen supporting his Team most home games
  8. Disappointing result for all fans of the national team. To be fair Italy just shaded it for me. However, all the abuse aimed at individual players & the way some fans behaved is totally out of order. They do not represent the decent folk of England & on this occasion I agree with Boris & they should all crawl back under a stone & leave the rest of us to look forward to better times. As for the comparison between Gareth & Pete in a football sense, there are some extremely good characteristics which hold them in good stead with the players & fans alike. An honesty & integrity that show how to handle yourself in difficult situations, coupled with a desire to build a firm foundation to create a football team. Unfortunately, there the comparison for me should end. Gareth has an untold wealth of players at his disposal & the word BUDGET never even enters the room. Pete, however, has none of these luxuries at his disposal & if FCHT has to have a sustainable future, he needs to adopt a different style of play. The National Team's main aim is win at all costs & is mainly the only criteria the fans are concerned with. Pete & FCHT need to raise the bar to entice the few paying fans willing to part with their hard earned money to follow their home town football club & although winning is the end game, it is clear from many fans that this is not the only criteria. Now that the previous 2 seasons have been put to bed & we start with a clean sheet, it is all too obvious that to entice fans down, a new system needs to be found. One that allows the talent that is still in the squad to flourish & flow, which is the only way that crowd numbers will increase & give him the additional funds needed to allow the club to flourish. If he & the BOD can see a new way forward, just maybe we will see the long awaited return to the FL Here's hoping.
  9. I do remember your post Tommy & yes, you are probably right that Gareth is probably adopting a similar game plan. However I don't have to like it, Not too fussed about England adopting it. But not the Shaymen for me.
  10. I know you were not talking extremes, that's why I put a smile face next to it. Its all just a bit of banter among fellow Shaymen/Women. Lets leave leave racism to Burney followers & the like
  11. I think Hate is a bit excessive Tommy Yes in the context of sport, some of the other 3 nations do not want us to win. But generally this is not the case. you only hear about the extremists in their midst, I know a lot of other Brits, who do not hold England as enemies. Again some of the Hatred (as you call it) is self imposed, by the way we discarded them by doing away with the Home Internationals & to wind up those of us hold extreme views. present company excluded
  12. Better still, don't play those tactics at all show some class & play football how it is meant to be played, not to humiliate the opposition just play better than them. Never seen a decent coach teach children to take the ball to the corner flag & back to half way line, or use similar tactics. Grass roots fans will not pay good money to watch rubbish like that.
  13. I understand the logic of defending a lead, but when you are the better & fitter team it is very dicey to not keep the other team under the cosh. Denmark were dead on their feet after the 1st hour just like Sutton were. What happened there I wonder
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