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  1. We are fast running out of players, heard Wild is going to raid his Panini Album
  2. Doubt interested parties will worry too much about a dodgy hamstring
  3. Not got one, was just given a seat allocation (that needs upgrading) over the phone
  4. Here's a stat, If Hyde scored two goals per defensive mistake we'd win every game . But that won't happen when we are happy to play our defence v the opposition attack
  5. Personally no problem with wearing a face mask (although I don't cover my nose when wearing my glasses as I haven't mastered the steaming up issues) I have to wear them at shops and work associated public spaces
  6. I'd have thought the information is as out of date as Chadder's trousers and fresh information will be made available when the club know exactly what is happening
  7. Maybe we'll get a fit of momentum just at the right time
  8. Sutton, Torquay, Hartlepool and Stockport aren't our worries . It's the teams around and below us that we've got to outperform
  9. Must be limitations on the variations of a dark blue shirt with adidas stripes incorporated
  10. Maybe, Fylde were probably offering him a good deal . We we're known for offering reduced terms to players that were surplus to our ambitions .
  11. Always felt that he was one of a number of players that gave their heart and soul for Aspin only to be released a season too soon . The mechanics of running a small squad and not showing any sentiment to players that weren't going to be first team regulars always felt a bit harsh . As the saying went, "in Aspin we trust" . For me, Deano was such a legend that I felt he could have seen out his career in a Town shirt and kept Aspin in the Town management job
  12. Maybe The Red Director was having a bit of fun with the goalscoring column ? That's an impressive record for a non league journeyman
  13. Apologies for inadvertently loading one part twice
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