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  1. Did you nearly put Keighley and definitely not rough in the same sentence ?
  2. Wilder Bollox


    The product gets more expensive to produce every year . Do you keep trying to improve the product at greater cost ? Stick with the same product with costs still probably rising faster than the rate of inflation ? Make cuts to production and hope the product still does the same job ? Make major cuts and send out a noticeably inferior product ? Do you charge more for the product and hope that maintain your buyers ? Charge the same and hope to maintain or slightly increase the number of buyers ? Charge less and hope to increase the number of buyers ? Sell your inferior product cheap but hope that you'll get more buyers that will keep buying ? None of these really add up due to rising production costs and falling numbers of buyers . That's why producers have to keep updating their product and freshening up the market place
  3. In other news New signing Harry Cardwell starts For Chorley
  4. Wilder Bollox


    Whilst he sings to the tune of a six figure controlled loss he feeds us abridged accounts that provide no supporting evidence
  5. I'm uninspired, prefer more purple than basically white with splashes of purple Going back to Hoddies purple kit of the past, wasn't it a goalkeeper, possibly Lee Butler, that used to wear a purple shirt
  6. It's definitely Pete Wild . Possibly Gilmour or Waters with him and possibly Waters or Gilmour in photo four, or maybe I'm out of touch with what our remaining players look like
  7. Wilder Bollox


    Pretty sure, without returning to the accounts, that at the bottom it said the one share had increased to over 2k on the previous accounts and 59k on the latest accounts . On my understanding of accounting jargon
  8. The streaming camera dislocated a pixel during training .
  9. Wilder Bollox


    On the latest set of accounts DBs share was valued circa 59k (increased slightly from the £1 it was valued at during his first 10 years)
  10. Can play either left back or left wing, him and Macca would have been a joy to watch down our left side but it never happened . Doubt we'll be signing him now
  11. Always liked Fitz and he scored a terrific goal against us at Southport
  12. League clubs get extra funding and every clubs financial structure is different .
  13. I'm sure I used to have a cup like that . A woman was fully dressed but naked when it became hot
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