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  1. obmij77


    According to urban dictionary it means ‘no nut November’
  2. Where are Hereford these days anyway?
  3. Yeh but we have been riding our luck....even Yeovil should have at least got draw, they got pasted today and maybe 20 games ago it would have been us doing the pasting but we’ve dropped out of our grove. Rapidly need to find it again imho.
  4. They were all pretty rubbish today besides Jonners......but that’s football, a harsh mistress. I’d be over the moon if we could get a mini run together and Find some form again, but we will have to take one game at a time and give it 110% each game from here on out. Bbbbrrrrapppp.
  5. It’s not the way we’ve been...doesn’t suit us. We are at our best when we attack. I loved the start our ‘run’ when we were a full on buccaneering each game.
  6. Got to agree, it’s not that I don’t like Clarke but we are just not the same since he came back in. We are now a negative side....boring to watch as well recently. We were nothing if not exciting while we were climbing into the playoffs but it’s all hit the wall? Some fairly big decisions for Wild now.....
  7. Well that was absolute pants.....we looked like we’d never played together before.
  8. Is this us hitting the wall? Cannot understand why we wouldn’t go for it right from the off. Far too cautious.
  9. King has indeed had......a shocker, not good from several though today!
  10. Ref is shocking.... Hyde constantly being crawled over Pushing off the ball persistently Falling down when we get anywhere near em
  11. Ref not helping, getting conned time and time again...
  12. How did we not win this after grant scored?
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