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  2. neither has Abubakar but he looked good last night as did Cooke.
  3. Not if there contracts dont start with us or end with their former club until next month.
  4. What is the actual date? I wonder who is the oldest Shayman still alive, either player or fan?
  5. I personally don´t think we will spend any of the money received on transfer fees there are a lot of free agents out there.
  6. Glad to see your back. And agree 100 years is something we should celebrate for all town fans past and present
  7. He looks quite competent but he did last season he is also very quick.
  8. The Supporters Club is intending to mark it in some way, but I believe they're light on numbers so maybe could do with some help? ps welcome back
  9. Here we are, less than two months away from our Centenary, yes, 100 years of Association Football at The Shay and 99% of the Town are not even aware. You are all Shaymen, well, THE SHAYMEN are 100 years old in September. I know, 1911 and all that, some claim earlier but for Shaymen it is 100 frigging years! Not a peep about it from The Club, not a peep about anything from The Chairman. Surely being 100 years old means something and is worthy of celebration even though it has been 100 years of near misery with the odd blip? It is obviously a struggle selling season tickets this season for various reasons, perhaps it is not too late for the Club to at least put some effort in taking advantage and publicising the fact, it is incredible that this club even has survived 100 years. Have a damn party down The Shay, Stockport County I believe visit nearest the date, advertise the fact, we could fill the place. Someone 'in the know' claimed the Club were aware and were going to do 'something' when I mentioned this a while ago. Seems they are doing sweet FA.
  10. Angus


    I must have blinked at some point........
  11. What are you basing that on? He's barely played at National league level.
  12. Would not be surprised to see only one player in to replace Clarke and Byrne. Young Jay Benn is more than capable now of stepping up
  13. It would be great to see one of the youngsters become first team regulars and delivering quality performances. Pity we have no striker starlets in the making yet.
  14. 99.9999999999% and the other one is only a practicing Yorkshireman.
  15. how many Yorkshiremen will wait until the very last minute to hand over cash for their season ticket?
  16. Today
  17. Stand out for me was David Abubakar no 18. Don't know how old he is ? but can play off both feet & put a lovely ball across goal from the right with his left foot when cutting back. Our main players from last year looked very comfortable, now need to add further quality to pep up the forward play. Really surprised that the Manager is still continuing with 1 striker, with the best will you cannot see what potential the striker has if there is no one within a country mile of linking up any forward play. It will be a long hard season if Pete does not see that it will not work
  18. The 200 contacts thing has been playing on my mind. We’ll have obviously missed out on some of them. I wonder if some of them might currently be trialling in the FL and have us as the fall back option. The FL season starts a week on Saturday so suspect some of these players that have failed to earn contracts will now start to filter down to our level.
  19. As I’ve said now so many times I still can’t believe we haven’t replaced Hyde or Byrne yet with actually signings. If we had signed them they’d be announced. Now I’d expect the signings to be a decent standard but one of my mates who went last night and the general chat on here was the young lad from Colne was our best trialist
  20. When your selling your house and everything is agreed then it all go's quiet something is wrong and that's the same with our club, we have had 200 contacts all waiting in the wings then we sign two, we are told one is close and told not to panic and last night end up with Trialists FC yet we got money from three players so surely that even at this point would enable us to get a quality CF but i suppose in all of the leagues in the UK non exit or they don't want to play for us or we pay them peanuts, as Terry Venables said in that famous TV advert its good to talk, over to you Mr B.
  21. Well I know 6 that went.🤔and they have bought season tickets.
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